I have lived on my own now for the past 4 or 5 years. I’ve moved from 3 different apartments (two in the same complex), but I think I’ve finally come to make a home where I am now (well, as much as an apartment can be a *home*, and not just a domicile.) But a monumental event has happened. I have finally had to reorder checks. The fact that I pay 95% of my bills online means I don’t have to write checks, and so I never bothered changing my address. However, now that my mother has moved to a new address, and I live on my own, I should probably change that.
So I did some researching online, cuz I just have to have cool checks. My checks right now are some zen thing with a water drop and a little bonsai tree, and some god awful flower (I always hate giving that check to people, cuz it’s not obviously a zen thing, and I know they think I’m the fruitiest person alive). But I found an awesome deal kids. Check it out. With the promotional code MWE202 (entered when you check out), I got two boxes of single checks for like $11. They’re normally $25. Can’t beat that, yo. And check out the design. I’m so excited!
It reminds me of when I went to see the Magic Flute at the Houston Grand Opera. The set was designed by the same author — Maurice Sendak. Brilliant art work.