a sad haiku

single star above,
cries a tear of light for me
cover me, my star.

maybe there will be
a second star who loves you,
so cry not alone.

for every star tear
that traces down a moon beam,
grows another star.

cry a million tears,
and make a million stars shine
fill the world with love.

a sleepy haiku

I wish I could sleep
On a cloud of moon and stars
Dreaming of angels.

White feathers and light,
Lullabies, oh so serene,
now rock me gently.

Wake me in the morn,
ready for a day of life,
’til I dream again.

A Friendly Haiku

Friends are like sunshine.
There to brighten up my day.
And give me a tan.
Friends are like assholes.
Sometimes they are full of shit.
And irritating.
But usually friends are
wonderful people to have.
Unless they like Bush.

A Medicinal Haiku

“Baby, come sit here.
Watch me take some medicine.
Yah, that’s real good, boy.”
“Take this here powder.
Put it in the little jar.
Now use my lighter.”
“Breath in like mama.
Don’t you be scared of the smoke.
Medicine is good.”
“Don’t you tell no one.”
Mama’s medicine’s secret.”
“I love you, mama.”

A Politically Queer Haiku

James E. McGreevy,
Govenor of New Jersey
Has had an affair.
Not just an affair.
A rainbow colored affair.
Hey, we all like cock!
Don’t have an affair
If you are married with kids
And decide you’re gay.
Wait. Unless, of course
It’s a la Abercrombie
Then I want photos.

Killer Haiku

Killer on the loose.
Killed over eighty women.
Up for release soon.
Bastard Governor,
Happy to turn a blind eye.
Karma is a bitch.
How many women
Must a man slaughter these days
To die in prison?
Coral Eugene Watts.
A man with no compassion.
You disgust me, sir.

You Bitch

You can break my heart.
But I have news for you, bitch.
You have a tiny dick.


he wants to fuck whores
now he found a big fat one
hope she likes them small!

Come Sit By My Side — my new domain, my new identity. But not just mine. I have a friend who will be contributing as well. RockMeGently is all about a utopian ideal of a certain knight in shining armor. Rock Me Gently is also a song by Erasure, from their self-titled album — and has always been a quiet favorite of mine.
I dream you’re with me,
You hold me sweetly and rock
me gently to sleep.
And like the song, a quiet favorite, this blog will be a quiet voice. Nothing special, nothing overly unique. But alive and full of passion and sentiment. Dripping in sentiment, no doubt. Except for Adam’s postings because he hates sentiment. But he writes witty things.

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