It seems to me that pretty much any food that is made of “compressed” products should raise some red flags about it’s health value. I know that a lot of people truly adore hot dogs and eat them with all sorts of shit piled on (which I have to admit adds to the questionable health factor of hot dogs in general — not that I’m an advocate for healthy eating).

But now posts an article about how hot dog meat is preserved with sodium nitrate. a chemical that can form N-nitroso which usually causes cancer in lab animals.
And guess what else causes cancer — bologna. Now seriously — if you’re eating a meat that can peel the paint off of cars, how healthy can it really be. It also contains sodium nitrate.
And you know what — any processed meat that you eat increases your risk of cancer by 6,700%. So what types of meat potentially contain sodium nitrate? …. sausage, hot dogs, jerkies, bacon, lunch meat, and even meats in canned soup product That means all you people out there who eat Spam are totally fucked. And apparently Denny’s, IHOP, and your local breakfast joint are all COCE — Centers of Cancer Enhanement. Jimmy Dean’s Cancer Links.

Ok, before I get sued — I have to add that not ALL of these processed food stuffs contain sodium nitrate. You have to read the label to see if it does. And it also possible that fine dining providers listed above may use sodium nitrate-free food. I have no clue and am truthfully too lazy to look it up.

But here, I did find this for you: American Cancer Enhancement Center.