You remember that lovely horror flick Cabin Fever? It was pretty gross (my hat’s off to the director for that — except for that fingering scene which seriously made me throw up in my mouth. And not just a little.)
Anyway — I was out walking around Houston today to go look at a some lofts. I thought I’d walk, it wasn’t that far. Turned about to be a good 15 blocks — at noonish — in June. What the fuck was i thinking? Anyway, so I’ve been all itchy all day since trapsing around Downtown — and my neck is sorta irritated. I’m kind’a scruffy (didn’t shave this morning) — and it makes me think my skin is like the girl shaving her legs. It’s like sensitive to touch, and I keep thinking if i scracth it, my skin is going to like peel off in layers. (Wow, that was a REALLY sick scene.)
I really just want to go home and take a shower. Actually, I’d like a good massage. Make some margaritas, and (amazingly) sit by the pool. Of course, that would last all of like … 15 minutes till i was a burnt up little crisp or bored out of my mind. So tempramental like that.