This weekend seems like it flew by, which is odd because I didn’t do jack shit. I did manage to do my dishes. And beat Kingdom Hearts 2. But funniest thing happened —

Saturday nite i was whoring around on the interwebs like I normally do and I got this random IM from someone I didn’t know who apparently knew me. He said his name was Wes — but I haven’t talked to anyone named Wes in years. And wouldn’t ya know — it was the same Wes from all those years ago.

Wes is one of my ex’s best friends. He was rather young when I was dating Ryan, but we totally clicked and would talk all the time. Bear in mind, he lives in Tennessee. But I’d talk to him about my relationship woes, and he’d talk to me of his woes. And over the year and few months Ryan and I were together, darling Wes and I became pretty good friends.

Well, once I sent Ryan back to Tennessee, I sorta disappeared from the Tennessee radar — including talking to Wes. I always felt bad about lose contact with him — and I’ve tried in the past to find him — but to no avail. He also tried to find me — and finally got my screen name from Ryan — and we chatted the nite away last nite.

I’ve missed him — I really have. And I’m glad I was able to find me again. I always enjoyed talking to him — and he always seemed to have a good objective view of things. So he sent me some pics of him and my how he’s grown up! I told him I was going to put a picture of him on here so he can be famous on the interwebs.

Anyway, I am going to go out and see him sometime soon — that’s the joy of working for an airline. I can just pop off whenever I want (for the most part).

So that was a great surprise to my weekend. It’s good to have you back again, Wes.