I understand that I’m not a kid anymore. Trust me, when David ganked a gray hair off my shirt today on our way to lunch, I understood the sadness that is age. /cry


Watching young people today … I seriously don’t understand them. Maybe this what our parents thought all those (many) years ago when we were kids and teenagers — when they think “what the fuck are they doing?” When we make every issue into the biggest ordeal (shut up, David — I don’t still do that. Ass.) (Ok, at least not EVERY issue.) (Thanks.) I saw this little YouTube clip posted over at aprilwinchell.com — who is a goddess and is fit to be worshiped.

I mean, like, ya know, BIRDS ARE DYING!! What the hell is that. I mean … heaven forbid she look at the cancer death rate, or the AIDS ratio in Africa, or shit, maybe all the bombings in Iraq. But, I understand — birds are important too. Tho, I’m not sure how a bird dying is a sign of entropy of any kind…

Anyway, enjoy. 🙂