I haven’t blogged in forever, I know. Sue me. No don’t, cuz i’m totally broke at the moment. I have an excuse, of course, I’ve been very busy with Option9 work and with school work. (Working with MS SQL Server when you are clueless is not exactly an easy task.) But I thought I would show what I’ve been doing as of late.
We re-launched GenevieveG.com a week ago with a whole new interface. It’s still not COMPLETELY finished yet, as we need to do the boutique. A few hang ups there, but it will be done shortly. Many thanks to Kevin and David for an awesome job. The galleries are all dynamic and there is a whole back end to update the galleries so that we (as a company) don’t have to do it.

I’ve also been hard at work on a website (mini-website) for a friend — and we’re also doing his cd packaging. Plus, the holidays, and me passing another kidney stone. (Still passing, thank you very much.)
I also did some Christmas shopping, which, of course, was a nightmare. I think the rest of the people on my list might just have to suffer with something from Pier 1. There’s a Pier 1 close to me at work that I can go to during the day. (Plus, they have really cute wrapping paper.)