Yah, so I haven’t been blogging lately. Not on purpose — I have just been short on time to sit and actually write something out. So, now that’s it been over a week …
LAST weekend, Matt and I went to visit Adam (and Trinity) in Phoenix for his housewarming party. Was an exciting time cuz it was our first trip together, and it was the first time I used my Continental flight benefits. Everything went totally smooth. We did a LOT of shopping while we were there and went to the zoo. (It wasn’t all that, but they had the cutest squirrel monkies (or spider monkies — I forget which) that would pee on people when you went in to look at them. Was precious!
The house warming party was delightful. I met several bloggers that I knew from Adam’s blog, including Trinity (who was so much fun). We ended up getting him a martini/wine glass set with a matching pitcher from Z Gallery. Totally cute. I’d show pictures online, but can’t seem to find anything for Z Gallery. Oh well, suffice it to say that they were really cool.
The rest of the week has been kind’a uneventful. Work. School. Work. School. Oh — and work, imagine that.
Last nite, however, my team from work had happy hour at this place called T’afias. Cutest little place with a really cool atmosphere, unique drinks, and fabulous little (FREE) snacky foods. We were there for like 3 hours or so, just chatting, drinking, eating — enjoying the delightful weather. Truly enjoyable experiece. I was blabbing on and on about Matt to my coworker Kim, and my phone rings — It was Matt.
I was like “Hi, baby — I was just talking you.” and he’s like “oh really? where are you?” I said, I”m at happy hour with my coworkers…” and he’s like “Oh … that’s tonite, isn’t it.” I’m like “yah, why?”
And it hit me — he was calling from my apartment! He came to surprise me, and I wasn’t there!! The boy who has no social life wasn’t there! Go figure. So I’m like “OMG, that’s so sweet! DON’T leave! I’m on my way!” So I got home at like 9:15. We only had like an hour together and he had to go cuz he had to work today. But how sweet is that? I had such a yukky day yesterday because I wasn’t feeling well — and he showed up to love on me! He is such an amazing guy. To drive an hour and a half to see me … just can’t beat that. I don’t think that I’ve ever been with someone who treats me better than him.