today is rain. rain and rain and rain. i woke up this morning to the patter of raindrops on the street outside and on the roof. i turned off my alarm clock and laid in bed, listening to the steady pulse of nature. i was warm and sleepy. yuna was curled up next to me, oblivious to the goings on outside, and just laid there with my eyes closed.
and then i had to get up and go to work. stepped out of bed and walked toward the bathroom and noticed the bohemeth-size pile of cat puke in the living room. I see yuna was glad i was home …
it rained a constant shower the entire way to work, harder as I approached Galveston. i listened to erasure’s new cd, nightbird, – more as background noise than anything – as I drove in a rainy state of mind.
and now i’m at work. its still raining. i had lunch alone, reading my (very informative) book on using php and mysql to develop dynamic websites.
very blah day. kind’a a downer coming off such an enjoyable weekend with Matt. Going to an empty apartment kind’a sux that way. Especially when that empty apartment has a fresh pile of vomit in it.

be still my soul — libera