I had a vivid dream last nite … I can’t remember the first part of it, however. I know it took place in a time like when I was in highschool. The only thing I remember about it is the end — right before I woke up.

It was lunch, and it was really crowded in the cafeteria place where we were. I was walking over to a table of my friends when I hear “Michael!” — and so I turn around looking to see who was calling me.

“Michael! Michael!”

Ugh. It was Logan. So he grabs his tray which was covered in barbeque baked beans and runs over to see me. For some reason, he was only in a pair of socks — he slipped and his tray of beans goes flying to ground and completely covered his socks in baked beans orange gunk. He throws his arms around me and just apologizes so hardcore.

Crying, weeping, gnashing of teeth — quite the display of angst.

And I was complacent. Unmoved. Asked him to let go of me — to which he responded by squeezing harder and more fervent crying. Then I woke up.

Gotta love a dream like that.

So I wake up and I have an e-mail from Adam. He was helping me with a project at work by recording some scenes for me. Here is one of the scenes between Mr. Will Chambers and Nurse Brenda Grace. The boy deserves an emmy – or oscar — or maybe even a Tony.