Ya know, I dunno why people have to be such assholes. I read this today via /. and it really just makes me thoroughly irritated.
I understand that not all blogs are personal journals; some are very helpful in annotating technology, trends, porn, and other various things. But a lot of people blog who know relatively nothing about a computer, and use it as a way to chronicle their lives. And now people gotta go and fuck it all up. All for the sake of being vindictive. And that just pisses me off. Makes me wanna slap people.
In other news — I started my 15th class at University of Phoenix Online yesterday: Intro to Unix. Looks much better than my last class, if you read previously, the class gave me shingles. Was the most boring topic with the most amount of work I’ve had thus far. And I did the absolute minimum to get by — something I’ve not done before at UoP. But — what can ya do? I’m tired of school. Glad I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.
So yesterday was an incredibly frustrating day for me. I’ve been working on this animated route map at work, and they’ve requested some new functionality built into the existing map. Well, the map wasn’t built with the intent of what I wanted it to do, and I tried to wrap my brain around the concept — and people — I’m so not a programmer. I can understand basic concepts and can do enough to edit previously written scripts, and even maybe write a simple function to do something basic — not write a damn content management system (not that was what I was doing in Flash — although — a flash driven CMS would be pretty fuckin’ sweet — *thinks about that*.)
Anyway, happy tax day. Glad I did my taxes the day I got my W2s.
I’m going to try to do better about blogging more frequently, haven’t been very good about that — but, in my defense, I’ve been busy. 🙂