I’ve noticed as I drive home from work, this tacky billboard that says “I Questioned Homosexuality. Change is possible. Discover how.” Here is the website advertised: http://exodus.to. If you think you need help resolving your issues with being gay — go see a therapist, not them.
Regardless, I sent them an e-mail after I perused their content. It is a respectable e-mail, I think — and I voiced my opinions and concerns. It’s below, if you’re interested. If you feel remotely the same, I suggest you write up an e-mail and send it to them. This, particular e-mail, was sent through their prayer request section.

I understand your cause. I myself haved wrestled with being gay for quite a few years, particuarly in my late teenage and early 20s. I was raised in a split household — part Mormon, part Baptist (don’t ask how it worked out, cuz it didn’t.) I was raised primarily Mormon, strict Mormon at that. However, I was well aware of my attraction towards men throughout that whole time, and thought that making ammends with God and trying to reconcile my feelings for men would make me a better person and more choice in His eyes.
I attended a Mormon college, graduated, and eventually chose the path of a missionary for the church. Again, I was still battling the demon of homosexuality on a daily basis, but tried desparately to live in God and do His will.
It was not shortly after my mission when I decided that the facade of a straight man was not really what I wanted to wear everyday, because I was limiting myself in personal growth. The constant fight I was having was taking my focus away on living my life and pursuing meaningful relationships — not necessarily gay relationships — but relationships with friends and family.
Ya know, I’m sure some people can live their lives in the manner suggested by your organization. But I can guarantee you — as someone who was tried time and time again — that choosing to live that sort of a lifestyle, where everyday is a battle to be “attracted” to your wife, is not any better than the hardships people face by choosing homosexuality. A majority of the issues discussed on the website could apply to both homosexuals and heterosexuals. It’s a question of morals — not of sexual attraction. Just because you’re gay does not mean you have 15-person orgies every weekend, ransack Banana Republic at every pay day, and campout to get front row Cher tickets. Your organization categorizes homosexuals as sinful, immoral animals who have meth addictions, vanity complexes, and lay around in dens of ill repute. Granted, some do. But it is not only homosexuals who do this.
There is unity in the gay community; not everyone is as vapid as the stereotypes your website portrays. You cannot use the basis of morals to segregate a group of people without also segregating yourself. Perhaps people would be more unified with an organization backing it — raising awareness, rather than trying to dissolve it.
Again, I appreciate your efforts in wanting to help people have happier lives, but if you’re wanting to help people live happier lives and be more productive, preach tolerance and equality. Preach the doctorine that Christ taught, to love they neighbor as thyself. And while you don’t use the Book of Mormon as a book of scripture, consider one of the passages from 3 Nephi:
For verily, verily I say unto you, he that hath the spirit of contention is not of me, but is of the devil, who is the father of contention, and he stirreth up the hearts of men to contend with anger, one with another.
My recommendation is pray for our youth to make smarter choices. Pray for the parents to learn to lead with love. Pray for the government to secure our nation and provide for those who cannot provide for themselves. Pray for the families in southeast Asia who lost loved ones, homes, possessions, livlihoods … Pray for a better tomorrow. Pray for hope, because gay or straight, for many people, there isn’t much.
So that is my request: pray for those things instead of for me, because I am happy and lucky to have the people in my life I associate with. I am very blessed to be one of God’s children living here with the wonders that surround me, and the horrors that plaugue me. Pray for those who do not see that.