Friday nite, Alex and I ventured into Houston to go see the reunion concert of Anything Box. Who is Anything Box you ask? Well, you remember in the late 80s (prolly like 89 or so), there was a song called “Living in Oblivion” — well that was them. They have continued to release albums, although their style has changed pretty signficantly from 80s pop.
Anyway, so the concert was supposed to start at 11, and we preordered tix for $20 a piece. Not unreasonable. We arrive at this club, Club 1415, to which neither of us had ever been before — and there was a line wrapped around the block waiting to get in. We were like “uhhh.” Luckily, there was much much shorter line for people who pre-ordered tickets. We get inside and wander around a bit (this is about 10:15) and eventually go up to place our drink orders, which still — with only a handful of people, took us prolly 10 minutes to place our orders. We opened tabs and took our drinks to the floor cuz they were playing some great 80s new wave stuff.
It’s about 10:45 and we decide to get refresh our drinks for the show. 20 minutes later, we still don’t have drinks and the place is absolutely crammed packed. We decide to blow off the drinks because the floor is getting packed and we wanted to make sure we had ok places.
More and more and more and more people crowd in. It is SO hot in there, and they opened the back doors which line this place, letting in the hot, humid Texas air (which really helped to cool us all off, let me tell you). We’re standing there crammed in behind the Elephant Couple and this really hot latin boy … (I totally kept staring at his chest, cuz he was totally built, and I just wanted to touch — but I imagine his skank of a girlfriend probably wouldn’t have liked that — nor would he have for that matter.)
One comment that Alex and I both made was the number of Asian people in attendence. I mean, I’m certainly not a racist person — but the VAST majority of people there were Asian — and we were like “uhhh, what’s up with this? Did we miss the memo? Do Asians inheritently like 80’s synth pop?”
So 11:00, 11:15, 11:30, Midnight … hot as fuck, beads of sweat keep rolling down my back, smoke EVERYWHERE, the fat elephant man behind me keeps touching me, the asian girls behind us keep screaming, NO drinks … and finally at like 12:15, the show starts.
Next, it was just amazing, as soon as they started singing, it was like everyone’s arms got erections. They were ALL up in the air (not minding the heat and sweaty pits, of course) and there was a cell phone in EVERY hand taking pictures. I was like “good dear sweet jesus.” We couldn’t see shit, and we were only like 7 feet from the stage. We sorta stood there dancing a little bit (trying to dance in the 1 inch square space we had to move in) and I turned to Alex and was like “i’m gonna go try to close my tab.” She thinks that’s a great idea, and off we go throught the crowd.
20 minutes later, Alex gets her tab — and the stupid bartending bitch (who obviously had an addiction to SOMETHING) never did my card, so 15 minutes later i’m like “HELLO. MY CARD.” Bear in mind, it was only $4 because we could never order drinks again. She looked at me and was like “for this?” and rolled her eyes.
Needless to say, the bitch did not get a tip.
We stayed for about 45 minutes of the show and decided that we’d rather be living in oblivion than living in that nasty as room full of skanky people and their cell phones. So we left and listened to the new Goldfrapp album the whole way home.
It was certainly an experience. And — the band was actually fantastic. We didn’t see much of them, but the songs they did were great. So, if you can ever see them — go! Just not at Club 1415.