So I had another dream last nite. Not about Logan this time, thankfully. Oh no, this was all about my cousin’s wedding. I think it’s because of the marriage conversation I had with Charley yesterday.

The dream was very vivid, and the scenery was gorgeous. I’ve been plyaing Myst IV, which is probably why. It was wintery, we were on a lake with a wooden deck that went over it. The lake was partly frozen over, I was standing there looking out — very reflective. I don’t remember it being cold, but it must have been. I was supposed to be there handling the database setup (why a wedding needs a database, i have no idea. That’s obviously from my database homework assignment) So I was walking around this place (chapel, maybe) and there were candles alit everywhere.

I walked past these stairs — and Kermit the Frog was sitting there with a guitar. And he started talking to me, strumming the guitar every once in a while. And then — he started singing The Rainbow Connection. All of a sudden John Denver appears behind him with this kind’a glowy light around him — almost like he was being projected — and he picks up Kermit, and they sing together.

That’s really all I remember. But why the hell am I dreaming about John Denver and Kermit!? We have marriage — me being gay — Kermit — John Denver — databases — candles — and the Rainbow Fucking Connection.

Yup, sounds like a confirmation of my homo-ness.
God Give Me Strength — Alison Moyet