I am not a politician — I know very little about the political realm and its goings on. I can’t really tell you who is who and their position on such and such issue. Last year was the first year I even ever voted.
However, I am so confused by the issues being played with by our government. Let me see if I can sum up some of my confusion.
Firstly, the government seems to be awfully selective about what it can and cannot do. And I’m not going to hate on the Repulicans (much) because their views are extremist and illogical. I’m going to hate on the government for interfereing in areas where it should not be interfering.
David told me today how the House approved a bill today that would ban the adoption of children by gay couples. And not only that, but children who have been adopted by gay couples, or childre who are placed in foster homes of gay couples will be reversed and the children will be removed and placed in other homes (provided other homes can be found.)
Would someone please explain the logic in this? I mean, sure, I can understand that gays and lesbians are the most immoral, corruptable sinners in America (far below Repulicans, of course), whose sole agenda is to bring he eternal downfall of America’s youth to age by providing loving (gay) homes, with supportive (gay) parents, who specifically raise their children to be gay because they hate American, hate God, and want to do their part in keeping (Republicans) “breeders” from expanding their family tree, thus slowly destroying the work force and the economy. What the fuck ever.
I love how the government says “oh god, you can’t have the 10 commandments in a court house, that’s just not right, there has to be separation of church and state!” — yet, “marriage is a sacred entity given to us by god, for a man and woman, not two mo’s or dykes.”
Nice way to be selective about that whole church and state thing. This is fucking America. Land of the Free. Land of the Brave. Land of the Republican Majority. Why can’t the government put aside personal views and go by what the Constitution says? Why discrimination? Did we learn nothing in the 60s? And what about that whole emancipation thing?
It’s a shame I’m not a politician — but then again, I’d be known for slapping people and saying “are you high!?” Stupid bastards. Not all of them — there are a few good ones. And then there are the bevy of anti-christs with personal agendas (*cough* Tom Delay *cough*).