Soooooo …. I got Rufus Wainwright’s Want II two days ago. I haven’t really had a good serious listen to it until today. My first brief listening left me kind’a uninspired. But as I listened to it today — I was like “wow, this is great shit!” Well. All the but the first minute of Agnus Dei with that screaching cello or viola (or whatever). I almost skipped the song because of that. I REALLY wish he hadn’t done that.
But all in all — the song is great. Old Whore’s Diet really get stucks in your head (prolly cuz it’s repetative as hell). Of course, he had previously released four songs on “Waiting for a Want” — and I still think the Art Teacher and Gay Messiah are fantastic. I also really like The One You Love.
Good shit, Rufus. Keep it up. I’m already looking forward to his next project.