Well, Rita came and went. We got like 1″ of rain and there was no damage to any of my familes’ houses/apartments. My mom’s house was without power for like 9 hours, that’s it. I, however, still do not have power — so I’m back over here for another nite. I did go back and drop my sad kitty off. It was kind’a warm, and I did sit there for a while with the windows and doors open, letting cool breezes (and bugs) pass through.

I had expected to have power when I got back … and it worries me that we don’t. Makes me think a power line must have fallen because everyone else seemed to have power (and yes, my power bill is paid up. 🙂 ).

I did take some pictures with my phone of pre- and post-Rita. Not that impressive to be honest. I’m just glad it’s over and done with. I slept the through the worst of it. Woke up with no power (although I had some VERY vivid dreams that nite of a somewhat sexual nature with some interesting people — one of whom it seemed to center around that I’ve never seen before. Weird.)

Anywho … I’m trying to catch up with school, but it seems almost pointless on my mac. Having a mac mini makes life much MUCH easier when you have to move a computer around (and you don’t have a laptop).

Anyway, I’ll try to post some pictures later. I need to charge my phone up and email them to myself.