I have decided to start a fundraising campaign to raise $500 for a charitable association that encourages creative expression in children. I’ve been feeling like I haven’t been giving back enough to the world, and after a dream (which I’ll mention more of in a bit), I felt this was a prime opportunity to pick a charity and encourage others to give a little as well.
I chose the charity “Create Now!” because they are 100% non-profit, and the work they do is working with children is a step in the right direction for providing needy and troubled kids with a outlet for creative expression. This is done by pairing the kids up with a creative mentor from a field in which the child has shown interest.
This dream I had the other nite was about a kid, Matthew, that I used to watch when I was doing volunteer work at a day care in Pasadena, Texas. The kid was the sweetest little boy I think I’ve ever met — but — his mother was an alcoholic prostitute. Neglect was a common part of home life … and it broke my heart. This dream about Matthew refreshed my memory of his situation and planted the motivation to help.
So, my goal is to raise a minimum of $500 for the Create Now! organization by Christmas 2004. This seems very dooable. If every person who visits my website in a month were to give a simple $1 donation, we could EASILY double or triple that goal. So please, if you have an extra dollar or two, consider donating to this cause. Thanks!