h’ok. For the past two days I have received 7 (count them, 7) viruses in my e-mail — all from the same e-mail address. I finally did some research this morning on what it is — it’s that new damn Beagle variant that has a different name depending on which anti-virus software you use. I haven’t been infected, but talk about irritating. I read this article that said there is some worry about this particular virus because it’s been over a month since the last Beagle strain was introduced, and this one comes at a time when most virus experts are at some confrence somewhere. Is that supposed to be a “when the cat’s away …?” Seems kind’a lame to me. Like there’s a handful of virus experts out there keeping our planet safe.
Maybe we should all pray to St. Isidore of Seville for internet protection. I mean, screw Norton and McAfee, right? Who needs anti-virus software when you’ve got Jesus (and St. Isidore) on your side?

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