I drank too much last nite. WAAYY too much. And typically, I’m way tired after drinking that much. But … I just couldn’t sleep… So i stayed up and watched a movie called “A Touch of Satan.” It was actually one of those MST3K movies and was an absolutely terrible movie, but amusing nonetheless. There were so many plot holes that I could have been lost forever had I fallen into one. I think the director’s approach was “oh this was be cool, let’s throw this in there too,” regardless of whether it had anything else to do with anything.

The movie was about this girl who had been possessed by Satan in agreement that her sister (who was being accused of being a witch) wouldn’t be killed when they were burning her to death. Apparently, she should have been more specific because the sister was still horribly scarred. LOL Damn the luck. She couldn’t die apparently, cuz she was now like 127 years old. Well she meets this guy, and he falls in love with her after a day.

Apparently the only way he can un-possess her is if he fucks her. Well, of course, he does, and of course age catches up with her in about 1 minute (must have been one hella load he dropped). Well, he freaks out cuz she’s all gross looking and agrees to be possessed by satan if she is made young again. So he does, and is, and she is young again — because he loves her — after a day.

Now I’ve had some pretty fast-moving relationships, but I think giving your soul to Satan after 1 day because you think you love someone (or are at least going to get some) ranks pretty high on my list of being desperate. Perhaps I’m wrong, who can say. My relationships haven’t been successful, perhaps that’s what I’ve been doing wrong.

Anyway, that movie was, apparently, enough to put me to sleep, cuz I zonked out almost immediately after it was over. And thankfully, I didn’t dream about it — or at least I don’t remember my dream last nite. Perhaps that’s a good thing too.

I don’t really understand how movies like this get made. I mean, if it’s a college assignment — that’s understandable — and i hope they failed the course. But still — I have a lot of projects that could use financial investment that could, no doubt, shine in comparison to that poo.
Then again … how does this shit get made, and yet we still can’t cure a lot of cancers, the HIV, or kidney stones? HELLO. Not an unreasonable investment, me thinks.