I have this friend who is terribly witty and hilarious as hell. We chat on and off through the day via e-mail about whatever. Great fun to drink with and just shoot the shit. Last week, I was telling him of my problems of finding people to date (in general), that I tend to run the extreme. And he said I should post a quiz on my blog to screen people. Here is the quiz he suggested. Feel free to qualify yourself. I’ll be reviewing applications and interviewing soon. (or something.)


1. If I were a tree, I would be a:

2. My idea of a fun night is to:

3. The last big relationship I was in:

4. The last book I read was:

5. If Michael agrees to date me:

6. I think that monogamy is:

7. My relationship with my parents is:

8. To keep the spark in my relationships, I:

9. My friends support my relationships by:

10. As for body,: