Once upon a time, on a Fantasy Island, there was a little midget who would climb atop a lofty tower and await for guests to arrive by chartered plane for a special weekend of suspense and romance. One day he was expecting a foreign flight filled with beauties of the middle east. As the plane approached, he called out excitedly, “Ey, Boss — DA PLANE! DA PLANE!” And then with the sounds of maniacal laughter, the plane aims directly towards our midget friend and smashes the plane into the tower, effectively blowing up the entire island, and thus ruining our Fantasy. The end.

I know that with all the war and bombings and destruction going on over across the ocean that news doesn’t really travel that fast, particularly if you’re hiding in mountain caves. But someone needs to send a memo that terrorism is sooo five years ago. Why can’t they focus on the latest trends and join the new media terrorism of the RIAA and other DRM-manufacturers, I mean — geez — get with it already.

I really don’t understand why everyone is so hateful. CNN says that 60% of Americans don’t support our war with Iraq — although I don’t even think it’s really a war with Iraq anymore. Truthfully, I’m not exactly sure what we’re still doing over there. It sounds to me like the violence is between the Sunnis and Shiites. So we’re there why …? All it’s doing is pissing people off. And Bush’s overall attitude seems to be “well, let’s piss off as many people as we can before I leave office.” And for once, he is succeeding more than his wildest dreams.

When I was younger (just out of college) I read the Koran — or at least part of it — in my religous studies. I wasn’t interested in converting, but I wanted to know more about Islamic dogma. And what I found was a book of scripture that was no more violent than the Bible or the Book of Mormon. Now, because of Al-Qaeda, a lot of people have this religious bias in thinking that Islam is a venegeful and hateful religion. If it’s so hateful, why is it just NOW that shit is boiling over? Get a clue. It’s not the religion — it’s the extremists piggy-backing on the religion who use current events to fuel social outrage towards occupants, who happen to be of a different religion than the native custom.

As per “the Zionists” … yes, I believe Bush is a Zionist. You have to wonder if this war would have been such an extreme deal if the terrorists had been Christian. Of course, if they were gay, they’d already be nuked to hell (damn faggots trying to take over the world). He is a biased leader who imposes his religious and personal beliefs on a country that is a melting-pot of different cultures, nationalities, and religions. And by giving him the power to make law and foggy decisions, he throws red tape over all sorts of international relationships, national social groups, economic prosperity, and employment factors.

One decision, Mr. Bush, that you make may determine the fate of countless lives, both here in the US and elsewhere.

Get a clue. We want peace. We want a peaceful world. Quit stirring the pot and focus on the problems at home instead of playing hero to the world. You are not Jesus. You are not going to heal nations when you can barely provide your own with the sustinence it needs to survive.