Despite that fact that I slept like shit last nite, I’m actually feeling a little better today. Well, I haven’t been sneezing all day, and my congestion has cleared (*knock on wood*). Thankfully, work has been slow and I’ve had a steady stream of things to do. Otherwise, I’d want to put my head on my desk and die. (LOL, i’m so dramatic.)
Today is my best friend’s (David’s) 3 year anniversary with his boyfriend. Much congratulations to them on a feat that seems hard to reach these days. /hug to both of you.
Ya know … every anniversary has a theme set by God only knows who. I did some research and the objects for 3rd year anniversary is crystal or leather. I’m sure you can only imagine the flurry of ideas that pranced through my little mind as a fiendish grin swept across my face. I personally don’t care for leather OR crystal.
Well, a leather whip would be fun… but it’s not my annivesary.
I’m in such a rambly sort’a mood. Prolly all the drugs I’m on. The Director’s Cut of Donnie Darko is available on DVD today. Hooray! I’m going to try to pick one up either today or this weekend. (Have some shit to do before I can actually sit and watch it.)
I’ve been thinking a lot about religion lately — about how I was raised and why I believe the things I do. I was having a conversation with a friend about Hell and Pergatory and I was rattlin’ away like a baptist preacher on a tented hill in August. I’ve always enjoyed studying theology. I can’t say that I really give a flying rats ass about christian dogma, but from a social perspective, and even an archiological perspective, i think it’s fascinating. Especially when you add the Book of Mormon into it.
Do I think that God personally visits people? Nope. I think a lot of people believe he has (to them even) — but it just doesn’t add up to me. And if Jesus and Mary can appear in bricks, glass, and grilled cheese sandwhiches, why can’t we get a little clarification on what’s going on the world. You’d think we could use a prophet like in old Biblical times “The sky is falling, the sky is falling!” Run Chicken-Little, Run. And some religions claim to have a prophet. And to that, I don’t know what to say. I know the Mormon prophet is a good man who gives good council. “Don’t do drugs. Love your family. Take care of your own., etc.” And perhaps that should suffice. For many it does.
But me — I’m just a hateful little bitch who takes things for granted. Looks too much at the details to see the beauty of the whole. And maybe that loses the sanctity of relgion. Maybe it’s not supposed to be in the thee’s and thou’s. Secular knowledge of sacred writings … What would Jesus Do?
Prolly kick back and have another beer.