I was cleaning my room today, picked up a journal, and out feel a picture of my very good (and hot) friend Ron who lives in the Netherlands. We’ve been talking online for about … oh 7-8 years. We have ever so much in common, and he SUCH a good human being. I really like it when we can just talk about anything and everything for hours on end.
We’ve only met once … about 2 or 3 years ago — in Paris, France. I was working there for a month, and he came and visited me one day — for one day — becuase he had something else to do (school maybe?). But we went and saw the Paris Opera House and a modern art museum. It was so nice. And now, we talk online — sometimes he calls me. (He speaks very good English.)
But — I scanned in the pic of him, so here you have it — my future Dutch husband. I’m wanting to go visit him end of this year — maybe for my birthday if I can save the money. We’ll see how that works out.