I had a meatball sub today from Specs that was fantastic. And as i sat this delictable morsel down on its side, i looked at it and instantly had the strangest craving…
See my sub is on wheat bread, and it looks really good. And it reminds me of this crappy gross place in Utah called Sconecutters. I know a lot of people want to throw up thinking about that place. But I have one good memory there:
Wheat scone with honeybutter and cinnamon.
OMG. I would give both nuts and several vials of babies to have one right now. The rest of their food was disgusting, i believe. But my god…. a honeybutter and cinnamon scone would fit the bill.
OH — and I also got a 2-liter bottle of Antartica Guarana at Specs. David was a sweetheart (as always) and bought me my lunch and the Guarana. Gotta love a boy who will buy you Guarana.