Just a few random things to add while i’m thinking of it.  I was having dinner with some friends one nite, and in walks Marissa. She’s a sweet girl, and I’d not seen in in the 2 or 3 years since David and I broke up. She e-mailed me the pic.

I also wanted to include this little story I read online, but wanted to keep it for my own referral.

Him:: there once was a little red cardinal name Jay.

Him:: you may have heard one of his stories before.

Him:: but tonight’s story is altogether different…

Me: something about ball-step whatever in the sky

Him:: Jay was a firey red head of a cardinal… he loved to sing and dance, and do shuffle ball changes in the sky to the rhythm of silly broadway musicals all the day long.

Him:: but Jay was a very troubled bird.

Him:: He loved so hard that it made him sad. He loved his friends, he loved his family, he loved his cat…

Him:: but the last thing he every considered loving… was himself.

Him:: So many times… Jay was hurt over and over again. He simply didn’t know how to make it stop.

Him:: It was as if everything was crashing down around him.

Him:: There was no stopping it.

Him:: He felt trapped.

Him:: He felt more alone than he ever had… (he had just been rebuffed again by the Evil Blue Jay with whom he was in love)…

Him:: Things didn’t seem like they could get any worse.

Him:: Until one day…

Him:: Jay rose from his nest… realized that his pet worm… the nightcrawler, Luna (not to be mistaken for Yuna) was in dire need of his assistance.

Him:: She needed him like no one ever had — she was not well — and needed someone to help her heal.

Him:: Like the person Jay had stiven to become for so long…

Him:: he was there for her.

Him:: The end.

Him:: but.,

Him:: BUT

Him:: the story does not REALLY end there.

Him:: because what Jay failed to realize in all of this…

Him:: what he failed to see clearly…

Him:: was that he had been there for EVERYONE… at one point or another.

Him:: when they really needed him.

Him:: What he also failed to realize…

Him:: is that everyone remembered it too…

Him:: even the Evil Blue Jay, who had once again broken his heart.

Him:: What he had no concept of — was that everyone loved him very dearly… and cared SO much about his well being — that in his own time of need… they would be there.

Him:: So…

Him:: the story will eventually pick up… whenever the beautiful red cardinal, Jay… finally realizes this…

Him:: /hug

Him:: the end.

Him:: for now.