New Year’s day draws to a close, and really – all I can think is how grateful to reach the milestone to start things anew.  After the election results in 2016, I really got bogged down in all the negative sentiment brought on by politics and a whirlwind of “what-if”s.

But now it’s officially 2017, and one of my few resolutions for the year is to focus on the positive and start blogging again.  (Okay, that was two things, whatev.)

So to start the year off, I want to being by saying how grateful I am for many blessings I  have in my life.  A loving husband who would do anything for me.  An amazing son who has changed my life forever… I could go on and on.  But I want to think about this every day, and I intend to do just that with this blog.

So here’s to a better, brighter and happier new year.  I look forward to the magic and mystery that lies on store.