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A Sad State of Affairs

As I get older (early-mid-late thirties), I find myself doing things that kind’a surprise me – things I never really thought I’d do.  Like listening to NPR, being more mindful of financial matters, and paying attention to politics.

I guess it really wasn’t until I turned 30 or so that I started listening to more of what was going on nationally in terms of politics.  And not just the stupid crap like Weiner’s dick pics or other ridiculous scandals.  I guess Obama’s presidential campaign was what sort of sparked an interest.  Not necessarily because I was pro-Obama, but because his campaign and political efforts took my generation into consideration.  It had a modern feel to it with social media, modern image, and current technology.  That jived for me.

But now that I’m more educated and aware of the political process (and we’re starting a new round of presidential bids), I can’t help but roll my eyes at everything.

Here are some great examples of why I may pass out from excessive eye rolling:

  • Texas State Representative (Republican) Molly White wants Muslims who visit her office to “renounce Islamic terrorist groups and publicly announce allegiance to America and our laws.”  As Bianca del Rio would say – “Really, Queen?”
  • Molly White also refuses to have an audience with an member of the LGBT activist community, that  they were reportedly told by her staff that a meeting between them and White would be a waste of time and that he should, “drop off your literature and leave.”
  • Florida State Representative (Republican) Dennis Baxley voted against a bill that would have allowed gay and lesbian couples to adopt children.  He was initially in favor of the bill (for the benefits of the children), but ultimately reversed his decision when he “prayed” about it and felt he could not go forward because it would affirm the homosexual lifestyle. “I don’t hate anybody. I don’t want to discriminate against anybody. I’m not phobic, but I simply can’t affirm homosexuality. My compass won’t go there, knowing what I know biblically. And so I ask people to please understand the circumstances,” state Rep. Dennis Baxley said.
  • And let’s not forget about Indiana and Arkansas.
  • Idaho House Bill 154 – a bill to ban telemedicine in abortion procedures was passed (by a predominately Republican majority).  Quoting Biblical scripture and emotional pleas (“Our precious little adopted grandson,” said Republican Rep. Linden Bateman, his voice cracking. “He came that close to be aborted.”), they took away the rights of women to make their own choices.  I mean, let’s face it – it’s Idaho.  Telemedicine is a God-send for thousands of people who live in rural areas.  And yet, they’re represented by a man (Vito Barbieriz) who asked a healthcare professional if a gynecological exam could be conducted when a woman swallowed a small camera.  Again, we ask – “Really, Queen?”
  • And let’s not forget Michelle Bachman or Sarah Palin.

I know that all of these examples are about Republicans.  And I’m not picking a fight about political parties.  There are many Republican notions that I am in agreement with, and many Democratic ideas as well.

But what I’m absolutely fucking tired of is this tired and ratchet-ass, self-serving, seemingly self-cloning embodiment of political representation that make up the Senate and House.  Not everyone, I’m sure.  But there is no real representation going on here.

This is America.  We are a blessed nation with amazingly intelligent, honorable and incredibly capable people.  And yet, our laws are dictated by imbeciles who waste tax money on decorating their office in the style of Downton Abbey.

What I see and hear about are candidates holding rallies with segmented groups of people trying to get their vote and raise money (and the money is a whole different barrel of fish).  So rather than trying to run a even-handed platform, they look to the extreme (right or left wing).  They may win an election to be a representative for their state – but they are only representing themselves, riding on the backs of a comparatively small group of people.  (And the number of people voting is another sad story…)

My point here is that I am completely disappointed, disgusted and really just can’t fucking believe that we have this group of people running our country who actually think it’s ok to pass laws to willingly and blatantly discriminate.  Against ANYONE.  I don’t care of they’re Muslim, gay, black, Middle Eastern, Christian, Republican, Democrat or Jew – we are all human beings living in America.  This isn’t 1930.  Why do we constantly struggle with something SO basic.

While I know my comment will offend a lot of people – religion has no place in a governing body if the laws of that country proclaim religious freedom.  I don’t care what people claim the “Fore Fathers of this Great Country” based the constitution on.  Religious tolerance is religious tolerance – even if you don’t agree with the principles and core beliefs of that affiliation.  Maybe you pray about your duties and responsibilities – and yes, please ponder what is the correct choice.  But do not publicly promote that you denied basic rights because your Christian background does not support those ideas.  It is not about religion.  It is about smart choices supporting humanity.  If your opinions are spiritually derived, them perhaps your place is  better positioned in front of a congregation than the public political arena.

Gay rights to marry and adopt are not topics that should be debated with any sort of religious dialogue.  These are basic human rights.  Equality is equality.  Love is love.  The human heart beats the same regards of age, sex, gender, religion or sexual orientation.  We’ve been through this with Blacks and women … and now gays.

When will our nations leaders learn that to represent means representing all, not just the group who abides by your same religious beliefs?  I want to vote for a candidate that does what is best for our nation, not what his religion (which I may or not believe in) dictates for me.

After all, we’re not ISIS, are we?

(Vaginal exams by swallowing a pill-sized camera?  Where do they find these people!?)

My How Time Flies

So I came across a backup of my old blog I kept back in the days before anyone and everyone had a blog.  Ah, those were the days… young, fresh, sassy and rather vulgar.

Fast forward eight years, and my, oh my, what a different boy I am.

To make a very long story short – here’s where I am now…

For starters, I’m married.  MARRIED, bitches.  I honestly never expected that day would come for me.  But about six years ago, I met a guy named Daniel and we sort’a kind’a hit it off.  And five years later, once DOMA was overturned, we ran off to NYC and got married.

So not only am I married, but I have a kid!  Well – sort’a.  Daniel and I talked for a while about having a kid.  And after a lot of discussion, we decided we’d try our hand at foster care with the intention of adopting.  We started that process in October of 2013, and in June of 2014 we had a little 21-month old boy placed with us.  It has been a long and incredibly emotionally challenging journey – but the stars seems to be aligning, and the route to adopting him seems to be opening up for us.

It still blows my mind.  I’m married.  AND have a kid.  Mind. Blown.

Okay, okay…  So what else.  In September 2007 I bought a new home.  I still live there with Daniel and our foster son.  It’s a nice, smallish house.  We just did some minor remodeling – so the house feels like new(ish) again.

I think at the time of my last post, I was still working for Continental Airlines.  Since then, I’m been with 3 other companies.  I’m very happy where I am now and have been here for almost 4 years.  I no longer really do web design.  I now primarily do email marketing – well, more specifically, the global management of an email marketing system.  It’s been a lot of fun, and I’ve really been able to see some improvement in the company since I began.

What else … what else…  Oy.  Physically – I’m definitely not the same as I was eight years ago. Hahaha, lordy loo, no, I’m not.  I weigh about 30 pounds more than back then.  My hair is still reddish, but a lot more (naturally) blonde than before thanks to the ever-spreading of white hairs intermingling with my head o’ ginger.  My beard is almost completely white except for two spots on my chin.  My body actually aches and such – particularly with having to be on the floor so much with a two year old.

But the good news (for me at least) is that in the last eight years, I’ve only had two kidney stones (knock on wood – dear, sweet baby jesus in they hay, knock on wood).  Both of them were passed without medical intervention, thankfully.  However, my stones are no longer bullet-shaped as they used to be.  They are more spiky and ass-clenching then before.  So I thank my lucky stars that I’ve only had the two.

Anyway.  So yah – that’s me.  Eight years down the road.  Fatter, grayer, happier, wiser.  Still just as gay, if not gayer thanks to Matthew’s introduction to RuPaul’s Drag Race.  No more Friendster, no more MySpace, no more Orkut.  Even blogging these days seems a little pretentious and attention-whore-y.  But it is what it is.  And it’s a good outlet for me to be snarky and say what I want without having to have a child filter.  And it keeps me honest.  Or something.

So here’s to starting up the old machine again.  Wish me luck that I can be at least half as amusing as I used to be.

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