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Support Your Coverment!

I am completely — absolutely completely — disgusted by American politics (most likely politics in general, but I’m admittedly not that well versed in international politics). The great nation that is America has molted. That shedded skin gave way to something terribly malformed and burned. And it seems the more it molts, the further from the original concept the American government becomes.

I’m not some political know-it-all. In fact, I usually try to stay out of it altogether because I can’t really voice an opinion on something I know relatively nothing about. But I can make a simple observation on the world I live in and what I see happen.

And what I see is that we know longer have a functional government that is a governing body that reflects the wills and needs of the people it governs. It has become a type of virus that spawns and regenerates itself to keep itself alive and on top of the game. Unfortunately, that comes about via dishonesty, mud-slinging, and an amazingly ineffective attempt at line-blurring.

And after witnessing the patheticly disgusting situation with Foley and his darling page boys, it is obvious that we know longer have a functional government. We have a semi-functional coverment. It became crystal clear when the blame was switched from Mr. Foley flirting with perversion (and a number of male minors as well) to “oh, poor me, I’m a 52-year-old man who was molested by my priest … when I was 15.” So the page boy scandal got swept under the carpet to be smoothed over by a dirty old priest. But the thing is – the point is completely lost. He did wrong. Period. Covering it up with a victim-plea doesn’t undo his stupidity and perversion. He needs to be punished for his wrong-doings.

Bush constantly bumbles from one blurred issue to another. FEMA got blurred over … These people are covering their asses at the expense of poor leadership and a declining America. Important issues (unnecessary war in Iraq, school violence, unemployment, sexual predators, net neutrality, just to name a few) are not receiving the attention they need because focus is taken from the issues for a fucking media circus — and for what — to save face.

But you know what? Give me a year, and I won’t remember who Mark Foley is. Deal with your dirty laundry. Except the humiliation and punishment. No plea bargains. Do the crime, serve the time.

We need to get back to the basics and get our country’s issues resolved. Quit throwing diversions. This is not a personal thing — it is a body of people — a group — to govern and make the best decissions for running the country. Not slipping bills in to fund your pet projects or make you more money. If that’s your goal, get the fuck out of office. You don’t belong there.

If we remain a country that is ruled by a Coverment, the American nation will fall. It’s inevitable. We, as the body, soul, heart of America, need to do a better job of choosing our leaders, assuring they will do their job, and restrict their powers to the things they need to be able to do and be efficient.

So what do we do? How can we gain the attention of a government that doesn’t want to change? Suggestions? Ideas?

Evolution of “Entertainment”

I’m a fan of entertainment — largely because I enjoy being entertained. I am quite the fan of horror movies and have watched more than my fair share of B-movies in my day. Why? Because watching camp and pointless gore is amusing, not to mention the turrible dialog and acting.

However, I was taken aback today. It seems that over the past year or so, horror movies have moved bypassed the “fear” factor (and gone way past the “camp” factor) and have proceeded to alienate their audience. Specific examples?

Let’s start with Hostel. Here’s the plot of Hostel: Breasts, breasts, breasts, clubbing, drugs, breasts, breasts, breasts, breasts, decapitation, breasts, breasts, tendon slicing, breasts, dismemberment, breasts, facial torch blowing, eye plucking, more dismemberment, head smashing, exploding train girl, blood, blood, blood, revenge. Fin (and I say “fin” because it is such an art film.). Notice the detailed plot…

The Hills Have Eyes
Classic movie remade into Hostel’s younger cousin. Story of a family on vacation who takes a short cut through the Nevada desert, only to be ambushed my nucleated mutants who have a thing for semi-burnt maniquins and retro 50’s kitch. This had the potential to be a good movie. It really did. Until we were shown a somewhat graphic rape scene by one of the mutant-thing-people and the daughter in the family, as others watch. Then it was just stupid killing, lots of blood, bad acting, and really left me regretting i spent the money to see it.

And now …

Uwe Boll, that artistic mastermind who buys video game licenses to make them into movies and KILL them (such as House of the Dead and Blood Rayne, among others) is making a new movie called Seed (which is not a part of his game-to-movie trend) about a man who is killed in prison via electric chair, but isn’t really dead (only, apparently “mostly dead”) and is buried alive. He, of course, proceeds to dig his way out and exacts revenge on the people who buried him (because he was alert enough to see who buried him). Uwe Boll said this in a recent interview with Fango:

“This is the scene where even the hardcore horror fans will walk out of the cinema because it is really disgusting.” He then went on to say how Seed will top films like Hostel and Hills Have Eyes ’06 in the brutality department and boasts how the film is “one of the hardest and most depressing horror movies ever made”.

Firstly, don’t too your horn about how over-the-top your gore is. Secondly, why would your goal be to make people walk out of the movie — isn’t the point to watch your work? And there cheers for “the hardest and most depressing horror movie ever made.” Watch out, Beaches ….

The point is – as our daily lives are filled with the news of countless new Iraqi deaths, high school shootings, and other terroristic things — do we REALLY need to be fed this crap of Xtreme Horror? Of course, we have the choice of going to see it or not — but why even spend the money on something as mundane and vile as extreme/cruel brutality?

Pot Calling the Kettle …

Quote of the Day:

“I was disgusted by the revelations and disappointed that he would violate the trust of the citizens who placed him in office.”

Guess who said this.

Hint: it rhymes with Push and has the brains of a bucket of mackerel.

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