MonthAugust 2006

The Relevance of Bin Laden

CNN has posted an e-mail response article about Bin Laden and his relevance in the war on terror and America’s focus. I wrote in with my response today. Here is what I said:
Osama Bin Laden, to the American people, is the face of terrorism. This, of course, stems from the WTC attack and his physical organization of the Al-Qaeda and commencement of jihad. Even tho he is less and less a key player in media topics, he remains the focus and representative face of all-things terrorist in the Middle-East, regardless of his involvement.

Osama will likely be captured and/or killed — it’s just a matter of time — and truthfully, it’s a question of who gets him first — America of a nation in the Middle East. People make blanket accusations that the entire Middle East is a terrorist organization, when on the whole they’ve been a fairly civil people. Religious beliefs differ from those of Christians which causes judgement from lack of understanding, which, in turn, sparks elitism and extremism.

So yes, I think Bin Laden is still very much relevant to the American people, simply as a representative icon of what has happened since 9/11. He is also very knowledgeable about organizing groups and events, and has access to money. He is a part of terror and does need to be removed.

However — I think that the American administration needs to work with a different view to fixing problems in the Middle East. The current maneuvers are obviously not working and are only causing more hate and wrath in the international community. Bush represents America — and given that over 60% of Americans disapprove of him and his handling of countless situations — I’m embarrassed to be represented by him and his administration, and hate that people judge me based on his actions or lack thereof.

Cancer for Breakfast, Lunch, Or Dinner

It seems to me that pretty much any food that is made of “compressed” products should raise some red flags about it’s health value. I know that a lot of people truly adore hot dogs and eat them with all sorts of shit piled on (which I have to admit adds to the questionable health factor of hot dogs in general — not that I’m an advocate for healthy eating).

But now posts an article about how hot dog meat is preserved with sodium nitrate. a chemical that can form N-nitroso which usually causes cancer in lab animals.
And guess what else causes cancer — bologna. Now seriously — if you’re eating a meat that can peel the paint off of cars, how healthy can it really be. It also contains sodium nitrate.
And you know what — any processed meat that you eat increases your risk of cancer by 6,700%. So what types of meat potentially contain sodium nitrate? …. sausage, hot dogs, jerkies, bacon, lunch meat, and even meats in canned soup product That means all you people out there who eat Spam are totally fucked. And apparently Denny’s, IHOP, and your local breakfast joint are all COCE — Centers of Cancer Enhanement. Jimmy Dean’s Cancer Links.

Ok, before I get sued — I have to add that not ALL of these processed food stuffs contain sodium nitrate. You have to read the label to see if it does. And it also possible that fine dining providers listed above may use sodium nitrate-free food. I have no clue and am truthfully too lazy to look it up.

But here, I did find this for you: American Cancer Enhancement Center.

Discord and Disarray().length

I read an article today that documented the suggestion of creating a muslim-only line at airports.

I read (sorta — more like skimmed) another article that discusses how much the Constitution and Bill of Rights is largely disregarded in our culture, despite the fact that it has been a document of governance for several centuries which provided the US with a foundation for prosperity and growth. And once people start chipping away at the laws, reading between the lines, and being selective what laws apply to whom … it’s no wonder that there is such discord among US citizens, not to mention the international community.

So I was thinking — being that I’m a gay male, almost 30 — that I’m really not very happy with the way the world is progressing — and I definitely don’t see the United States helping make matters better. I’m sure, as a whole, many people think it’s doing its best. After all, individuals can easily fall through the crack when some a scattered and divided governing body is left to organize relief, education efforts, and social reform. I understand that a form of government is necessary or there would be total chaos — but if you look at it … aren’t we already in a lot of chaos (perhaps not locally — but on a national and international level)? But as I mentioned earlier, there are basic things that the government is ignoring (perhaps just turning a blind eye) that could set the future of the country on the right foot. Working to provide better education systems with teachers are compensated for the responsibility they hold.

Reworking the national insurance system to provide health care coverage at affordable rates for all social classes while negating a majority of the malicious malpractice suits. Evaluating the collegiate education system to reduce the cost of education; if the poor are going to climb out of the gutter, they need a strong educational foundation to use as a ladder.

Recognizing the gay, lesbian, transgender community as basic human, social class with the constitutional rights to marry and love any given partner, male or female. Constructing not a federal emergency system, but a state-wide, perhaps even local emergency system that can provide the welfare that is needed to citizens that can include employment, reinstated education, immediate housing, and health services. Focus on the industrialization of alternative energy sources to lessen national dependency on foreign oil and gas. Unite the national government and its state representatives to focus on resolving problems, not mudslinging and trying to manipulate the law-making process for financial gain or political favors.

I could go on for days.

I understand that these things are much easier written than implemented, and most likely are simply a pipe dream. But what if? How many people would it take to implement such a society? And I understand that as long as there are extremist organizations out there (religious, terrorists, activists, etc.) that complete equality will never truly be gained. There is no pill or psychological recuperation for extremism except complete separation from the cause.

But again, I wonder where we are headed — not only as Americans, but as human beings. Will we see resolution with these wars in the Middle East? What about the significant damage done to our country by George Bush? Is there a national band-aid or healing salve that can close wounds and keep out infection? I pray there is. And I pray it is found very soon.

Tennis of the Sad

Yesterday. Sunday. A typically dull day of laying around the house watching tv or movies and eating sweet meats. However, there was a change in the usual … I played tennis with Abel.

Most people who know me know that my athletic capabilities don’t surpass that of throwing dirty clothes into the laundry basket and missing half the time. So my attempt at playing tennis was laughable at best. So picture this:

First — I┬ádon’t own a pair of tennis shoes or sneakers. I have sneaker-esque shoes but are not meant for athleticism of any kind except for shopping and driving (my kind of sports). I also do not own white socks. I know, I know … really stupid. But I have no need to ever wear white, so I threw them all away cuz they were 10 shades of funky. Additionally, I own one pair of shorts … blue jean shorts … because my legs are chalk-white — and altho they are quite sexy (in the dark), I never wear anything that would expose my legs to public-view.

So we finally go to the tennis courts. I haven’t played tennis in 16 years. It was a bit of a new experience for me. I understand the logistics of tennis and how it works … but all that running and hitting the ball into a specific spot … hell no, bitch. I was drenched in sweat. I was hit by the ball TWICE. Once in the face, one in the arm. I kid you not. And I almost hit myself once — like the ball hit the side of the racket or something and shot up into the air above me, but I couldn’t find it until it dropped like two inches to my right. Scary times, folks.

So no bruising — and I was having fun. Abel was disappointed with my lack of tennis skills — and I’m sure those playing in adjacent courts had a ball watching me, something they will likely pass down to their young for generations and generations.

Will Abel attempt to play tennis with me again? Who can say. My guess is no — as I think it was more ball chasing than anything. But I had fun nonetheless.

Cookie-Puss … um, yah.

I saw this today and had to share. I don’t know when this was or where it came from, but my God — it’s scary as shit and has a terrible display of mutilation of a cookie-puss thing while a cookie-puss thing is talking. If I were a talking cookie-puss thing and was watching one of my own kin being dismantled and eaten, I think i’d be screaming more like “OMG, THE HUMANITY! SOMEBODY STOP THE MADNESS, HELP HIM!” But no, he encourages you to not only eat him (assuming the asexual-sounding thing is a he, although with a name like cookie-puss, you gotta admit that it could well be a she…) — so yah, not only does he encourage us to eat him, but also encourages us to eat his internationally flavored leprochaun-puss thing.

Fucked up, I tell you.

A Peaceful Disposition

Once upon a time, on a Fantasy Island, there was a little midget who would climb atop a lofty tower and await for guests to arrive by chartered plane for a special weekend of suspense and romance. One day he was expecting a foreign flight filled with beauties of the middle east. As the plane approached, he called out excitedly, “Ey, Boss — DA PLANE! DA PLANE!” And then with the sounds of maniacal laughter, the plane aims directly towards our midget friend and smashes the plane into the tower, effectively blowing up the entire island, and thus ruining our Fantasy. The end.

I know that with all the war and bombings and destruction going on over across the ocean that news doesn’t really travel that fast, particularly if you’re hiding in mountain caves. But someone needs to send a memo that terrorism is sooo five years ago. Why can’t they focus on the latest trends and join the new media terrorism of the RIAA and other DRM-manufacturers, I mean — geez — get with it already.

I really don’t understand why everyone is so hateful. CNN says that 60% of Americans don’t support our war with Iraq — although I don’t even think it’s really a war with Iraq anymore. Truthfully, I’m not exactly sure what we’re still doing over there. It sounds to me like the violence is between the Sunnis and Shiites. So we’re there why …? All it’s doing is pissing people off. And Bush’s overall attitude seems to be “well, let’s piss off as many people as we can before I leave office.” And for once, he is succeeding more than his wildest dreams.

When I was younger (just out of college) I read the Koran — or at least part of it — in my religous studies. I wasn’t interested in converting, but I wanted to know more about Islamic dogma. And what I found was a book of scripture that was no more violent than the Bible or the Book of Mormon. Now, because of Al-Qaeda, a lot of people have this religious bias in thinking that Islam is a venegeful and hateful religion. If it’s so hateful, why is it just NOW that shit is boiling over? Get a clue. It’s not the religion — it’s the extremists piggy-backing on the religion who use current events to fuel social outrage towards occupants, who happen to be of a different religion than the native custom.

As per “the Zionists” … yes, I believe Bush is a Zionist. You have to wonder if this war would have been such an extreme deal if the terrorists had been Christian. Of course, if they were gay, they’d already be nuked to hell (damn faggots trying to take over the world). He is a biased leader who imposes his religious and personal beliefs on a country that is a melting-pot of different cultures, nationalities, and religions. And by giving him the power to make law and foggy decisions, he throws red tape over all sorts of international relationships, national social groups, economic prosperity, and employment factors.

One decision, Mr. Bush, that you make may determine the fate of countless lives, both here in the US and elsewhere.

Get a clue. We want peace. We want a peaceful world. Quit stirring the pot and focus on the problems at home instead of playing hero to the world. You are not Jesus. You are not going to heal nations when you can barely provide your own with the sustinence it needs to survive.

A Lunch Most Disturbing

Lunchtime during the week (when my normal lunch cohort is not available) usually consists of fast food. Today I decided to go to Taco Bell because it’s cheap, fast, and actually tastes pretty good (and with minimal side effects — wait — is it bad that we have to judge food by its after-effects? Sounds almost toxic.).

So I walk into a mostly empty Taco Bell and there are three people — a family — standing in line in front of me. I’m listening to the last half of their order and watching the youngest girl’s baby (and by youngest, I mean, I highly doubt she was 17). All of a sudden, the mother of the child says “oh, and I’d like the grandy special.” I was like “grandy?” and looked up at the menu to see grande. That, my friends, should have been a HUGE warning sign as what was to come.

So the three people: a grandmother with an inverted ass (as in, no ass, but a gargantuan foopa) and white-ass stick legs, her daughter with dyed red hair, sleeveless shirt and blue jean shorts, and her daughter — who as i mentioned couldn’t have possibly been 18 — in a giant shirt, blue jeans …. and pregnant — with a 1 year old sitting on the Taco Bell counter with legs that had been a giant buffet for a swarm of mosquitoes.

So I continue to wait in line … 5 minutes go by and I hear the mother say to the grandmother “But you said you’d pay half if we payed half.”

People. This is Taco Bell. Paying half is like dividing a penny. So she finally forks over the money, and it wasn’t enough — so in they go digging looking for change … pennies, nickels, dimes … and FINALLY – the sum of all sums is reached: $8.52.

So as I’m waiting in awe of what I’m witnessing, the mother of the child turns around and smiles at me and says “Sorry.” Now, I’ve seen some bad teeth. But good lord, I was afraid the mere breath she exhaled might knock a tooth loose. And the color of stained yellow could easily be the next new color by Crayon. I smile back at her just so she’d turn back around, and I notice in the mother’s back pocket (the mother of the mother of the child) — a can of tobacco. Chew, people. The woman with dyed red hair and blue jean shorts has a can of CHEW in her back pocket.

Just to put everything in perspective as to how long I waited to order — their $8.52 order was waiting for them when they finished paying. So off they trot to grab their food … and the mother has this gigantic mug thing. This is not Taco Bell fare — this is like Circle K fare. And we’re not talking Big Gulp. This had to of been at least 2 liters. AT LEAST. And she fills it up with ice and Dr. Pepper. I was seriously amazed — and at this point wanted to keep at least a 10 ft. distance lest the white-trashiness that wreaked from their misshapen bodies lept on to me and my teeth and hair instantly fell out.

So i sit at the opposite side of the restaurant — alone — and continued to watch in amazement — like watching animals in the wild — as they began feasting on the fine delicacies of Texas Mexican fast food. For a minute there, I could have sworn that the mother was devouring her young.

Then came the moment that I seriously almost intervened. The mother of the child began yelling at the child telling him to eat or she would spank him. So he’s crying by now, and HER mother has one arm on the child pulling, trying to make him eat — and his mother is trying to rip him from the (likely highly unsanitary) wooden Taco Bell high chair. She spanks him, and now he’s screaming like she’s ripped his arm off. She sets him in her lap and says — i swear to God — “If you don’t eat, I will make you eat.”

And of course, being a 1 year old, he didn’t eat, but continued to cry. So she took the taco and shoved it in his mouth. He continues to cry and tries to push the taco away — but the mother is persistent. Eventually the child turns beet red from the screaming and the mother, in frustration, puts the kid back in the highchair and tells him to shut up.

At that point I was wondering if I should call CPS — particularly since the young mother was pregnant again. But I figured I’d keep my peace (as by now there were other people in the restaurant) and leave.

And leave I did. Only to come here and write this.

So — in summary. Get an education. Use condems. See a dentist.

Thank you.

A Day to Stay In Bed

Ya know — I hate days like this. I woke up this morning at 5:30am, and was like “Dammit. I have another hour and a half of sleep I should be getting.” So back to sleep I went. The alarm went off … I snoozed — 3 times — and even after I shut it off, I laid there, willing the day to not progress any further that my bathroom door when I got up to pee.

Of course, that never happens – so I stripped and got in the shower and tried to resist the hot water’s unforgiving mission to waking me up. I stayed in for 30 minutes and did the usual morning routine — shaving, scrubbing, brushing the teeth … all the while wishing the day to stop so I could just go back to bed.

So I’m eventually dressed and out the door, stopping to love on my stray cat, Little, outside my front door. Couldn’t help but think how nice it would be to have a cat again … someone to greet me at the door when I come home and cuddle with me on the couch. Soon. Maybe November.

I meet my Shrink at 8:40 — she’s 10 minutes late. Her secretary tells me that my new insurance has a $1,000 deductible and then only pays 50% — so my payment for the day was $70. That, my friends, is what I call BULLSHIT. What the hell is the point of having insurance if you still have to pay a gazillion dollars. Completely retarded. So now I have to figure out how I’m going to treat the crazies being that it would likely cost me around $250 a month.

And now I’m at work and really not wanting to be here. Obviously since I haven’t blogged in over a month. Anything to keep me preoccupied, I suppose.

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