MonthNovember 2005

The Barfing Has Begun

So I’ve lived in my new apartment for like 11 days. Kitty has made it somewhat interesting. She still squats (but only in her litter box) a lot in the mornings, but seems to calm down in the afternoon/evening. That’s good.

But this morning, I was getting out of the shower and I could hear the usual, and oh-so familiar digestive thumping that cats make when they’re about to barf. I was like “this had better not be in my bedroom, much less on my bed.”

See — I picked my new place specifically because it had hardwood or tile floors. Only my bedroom is carpeted.

Thankfully, she didn’t barf in my room. She barfed in my office right outside my room.
On a rug.

And it was just normal vomit. It was projectile spray that somehow managed to cover like a foot of ground. And it was WET. Real wet.

So I was like “ugh, kitty!!” and she ran under the bed (as usual now.) I snatched up the rug (lol, i’m a rug snatcher) and took it into the bathroom to wash off the remains of the day.

So. In the 11 days in the new place, she’s barfed on my rug, pissed on a towl, two pillows, some socks and underwear, and a shirt.

Can we say high-maintenance?

A Bed Time Story

Just a few random things to add while i’m thinking of it.  I was having dinner with some friends one nite, and in walks Marissa. She’s a sweet girl, and I’d not seen in in the 2 or 3 years since David and I broke up. She e-mailed me the pic.

I also wanted to include this little story I read online, but wanted to keep it for my own referral.

Him:: there once was a little red cardinal name Jay.

Him:: you may have heard one of his stories before.

Him:: but tonight’s story is altogether different…

Me: something about ball-step whatever in the sky

Him:: Jay was a firey red head of a cardinal… he loved to sing and dance, and do shuffle ball changes in the sky to the rhythm of silly broadway musicals all the day long.

Him:: but Jay was a very troubled bird.

Him:: He loved so hard that it made him sad. He loved his friends, he loved his family, he loved his cat…

Him:: but the last thing he every considered loving… was himself.

Him:: So many times… Jay was hurt over and over again. He simply didn’t know how to make it stop.

Him:: It was as if everything was crashing down around him.

Him:: There was no stopping it.

Him:: He felt trapped.

Him:: He felt more alone than he ever had… (he had just been rebuffed again by the Evil Blue Jay with whom he was in love)…

Him:: Things didn’t seem like they could get any worse.

Him:: Until one day…

Him:: Jay rose from his nest… realized that his pet worm… the nightcrawler, Luna (not to be mistaken for Yuna) was in dire need of his assistance.

Him:: She needed him like no one ever had — she was not well — and needed someone to help her heal.

Him:: Like the person Jay had stiven to become for so long…

Him:: he was there for her.

Him:: The end.

Him:: but.,

Him:: BUT

Him:: the story does not REALLY end there.

Him:: because what Jay failed to realize in all of this…

Him:: what he failed to see clearly…

Him:: was that he had been there for EVERYONE… at one point or another.

Him:: when they really needed him.

Him:: What he also failed to realize…

Him:: is that everyone remembered it too…

Him:: even the Evil Blue Jay, who had once again broken his heart.

Him:: What he had no concept of — was that everyone loved him very dearly… and cared SO much about his well being — that in his own time of need… they would be there.

Him:: So…

Him:: the story will eventually pick up… whenever the beautiful red cardinal, Jay… finally realizes this…

Him:: /hug

Him:: the end.

Him:: for now.

Hello Kitty

I swear today has been the longest day ever. Actually, it seems like it’s been really long and slow every since Thursday. But that’s beside the point.

I got about an hour of sleep last nite, so I apologize if my writing is sporadic, random, and bulging with spelling errors. Give a bitch a break.

My kitty is sick.

I think she caught that Avian Flu thing. Not really — she’s an indoor cat, and i don’t have birdies. Anyway. Friday nite I noticed that kitty was squatting a lot, but not peeing. Well, I was worried. Duh. So I called my mom like I do with every situation I have no idea how to handle. She suggested I take her to the vet on Saturday morning. Well, they couldn’t see me and suggested the emergency pet clinic. So off I went with my poor kitty who can’t pee to the ER.

They get her, weigh her, did the whole rectal-thermometer thing (which she did NOT like), and tell me she probably has a UTI or bladder infection, as I had suggested, but they couldn’t get any wee to do a urinalysis. So they gave me antibiotics and told me she would be noticeably better in 2 days.

Two days later (read: today) she wasn’t any better — in fact, Sunday nite, she peed some little drops of blood. Of course I’m all kinds of freaked out cuz she’s squatting everyone and dripping blood.

So off to the vet I take her this morning and, of course, she DOESN’T have a UTI — she has some interstitial urinary syndrome stuff. Something about her bladder walls are weak, and she gets stressed out and they become inflamed and raw — and when she pees, it’s like salt in a cut so she wants the pee out of her, which makes her squat. But all the squatting strains the bladder and she bleeds.

And there’s no treatment.

Well the doc tells me that she’s a pretty good amount of pain and that her bladder and urethra are spasming (not sure how they test this), but he gave me some syringes with this anti-spasm stuff that I have to shoot (not inject, it’s oral) UNDER her tongue. You ever tried to get anything under the tongue of an animal? Stupid bitches. They need to think again. Took me 10 minutes.

Anyway, she’s been laying down — not squatting for the past hour. Praise Buddha.
I would have a really rough time is my cat died. I’m not going to get into because it’s already upset me today. If she’s not better by Monday, then something’s seriously wrong and i have take her back for more tests and x-rays. I’ve already spent almost $300 on her … can’t afford much more (not that I could afford that $300). So what happens then ….

So, if you’d like to help save my sweet baby who has seen me through my hardest times … I’d really appreciate it … and I know Yuna does too. Even a dollar would help…


Ya know, I keep meaning to update my blog … I have quite a few projects that I’m working right now (including the redesign of several other blogs), and my blog is kind’a taking it’s place on the back burner. I hope to update on occasion, but just to what few readers I have know, I will continue to be sporadic till the end of the year.

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