MonthOctober 2005

What a Wonderful Town!

New York, New York! I’m leaving in the wee hours of the morning to head to NYC for some business meetings on Thursday and Friday. We’ve got tickets to see The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee for Thursday Night, and I have plenty to on the weekend with my friend Karyn, who I love almost as much as life itself (uh, don’t refer to my last entry). She’s amazing and is going to put me up on her Futon for a few days. Love her!

So I likely will not be blogging again for a while. Maybe if I have some free time, etc. Who can say.

So then I can come back and pop up pictures from California AND New York! What fun!

kinda funny

Isn’t life the shit? It never quite turns out the way you think it’s gonna go. Like, you go to Burger King to get some onion rings, and they’re out — despite the fact that you risked missing Desparate Housewives to get them (bastards!).
Actually, ya know — i’m really sick of it, tired of constantly having to work for shit. I work hard. Constantly, doing my best to get shit accomplished. But it can never just *happen.* Always has to be some bump in the road, some file not configured, some asshole not paying the water bill, some dishit not doing a thorough job.
Everytime, it’s like i always come in 2nd. And i’m really not meaning to complain — becuase I do enjoy the work I do, for the most part. But I am so frustrated with shit not going my way as of late.
I’m thinking karma is just some astral bullshit that some fuckwad came up with to be all deep and philosophical and shit. Well fuck karma. Cuz i’m fuckin’ tired of it.

water woes, part II

Perhaps you remember in September when I received a notice that my water would be turned off because my apartment complex, Forest Cove, had not paid the water bill (despite the fact that we pay for our own water).
Well guess what.
I woke up this morning to this note on my door:

Forest Cove Apartment’s management company has repeatedly failed to keep its utility account with the city of Seabrook current. Unfortunately, we must change the service to a common faucet connected to the fire hydrant located at the south entrace to Forest Cove on … Rd. This will be in effect at 10:00am on Wednesday, October 26. We regret this inconvenience but suggest you contact the apartment management cmopany at 281.556.1311. Thank you, City of Seabrook Utility Billing Department

I’ve done the usual calling around to complain. It’s a bit like talking to a wall, it seems. I just keep getting referred around. I did find this online — so if you happen to looking for more information on MBS Management Services, check that out. Minimal help, but at least you know you’re not the only ones having problems.

i don’t know how to love him

A couple of things really. I haven’t been blogging a whole lot lately, but I’ve been kind’a busy. Yada, yada. I leave for NYC on Thursday (very very early) and will be gone for more-or-less the whole weekend.
While I was in Anaheim, I was listening to the new Depeche Mode album. Their first song, Damaged People, is a really good, catchy song. I like it a lot (better than the rest of the album, except for Precious). However, as the song goes on, it becomes WAY familiar — it’s totally I Don’t Know How To Love Him from Jesus Christ Superstar. Seriously, you can like sing along with it. It even made me want to hear Depeche Mode sing the full version of the song. (How crazy would that be, Mr. Personal Jesus.) Actually, I wouldn’t mind hearing Depeche Mode doing the full production of JCS. LOL!
Anyway, I spent a lot of my weekend doing homework and working with my new web hosting company to setup our reseller stuff. It was a lot of work, people. So I spent the rest of the afternoon that day watching 6 Feet Under (3 episodes, Season 2, 3rd Disc).
One of the episodes was about a Jewish funeral, and Nate and the Rabbi started discussing “soul mates.” Here’s what was said (by the Rabbi):

A soul mate is the person that makes you be the most you you can possibly be. … Perhaps the person who forces your soul to grow the most — and not all growth feels good.

That of course, made me think about how people influence me, what sort of effect I let people have on me — and it made me realize that — if what she says is true — we can pick who our soul mates are, simply by choosing the amount of influence they have on us. And it’s even more likely that we have multiple “soul mates” out there.
There are two people that I can quickly name off who I feel have had a significant impact on the growth of my “soul.” (I keep quoting that because I think it’s a quirky word. It was my understanding that the “soul” is comprised of two things: a spirit and a body. — but that goes back to my religious days. I think maybe James E. Talmage or C.S. Lewis said that.)
So how often do you think you allow your “soul” to be grown by another person? Have you ever been in a relatioship where you feel that has happened? Surely spending enough time with someone will result in some sort of growth (or shrinkage, perhaps). Right? Is there an easy way to measure soul growth? Is too much growth a bad thing?
Interesting topic. And yes, I actually wrote down that quote from the Rabbi because it made me think … at least think enough that I blogged it.

Coming to a Close

Well, it’s the last day here at MAX and it’s certainly been an interesting experience. It seems that David adn I fit in an interesting group of people that was either too advanced for a class or not advanced enough. Perhaps that says something about the content of the classes, I’m not sure.

Don’t get me wrong, most of the classes have been pretty good, and we’ve learned a lot. We also met with some of the vendors and will be setting up a new reseller account with another company because iPower is shit with tech support. So we’re gonna give these other people a try and see how it works. It sounds fairly promising.

Well, I managed to catch some sort of stomach bug this weekend, and spent all of the last two days running back to the hotel room to take a shit. (Because you all know I can’t shit in a public place – just doesn’t work like that.) So it made for an interesting day.

THEN David and I had drinks last nite … A LOT of drinks (well, for me), and of course, I puked when we got back to the room and david was kind enough to strip me and put me in bed (not naked, you pervs.) (And no, I didn’t puke on myself. I’m a neat drunk. I had made my home at the toilet in plenty of time to make sure my pizza from that nite found a new, safer home.)
I’m ready to be home. I’ve had a good time and all, but I miss MY bed. And I miss lounging around in my underwear (not that I didn’t do that here in the hotel, but still. I can’t grab myself and whatnot with David here. He’d likely never be the same again.)

Anyway, I’ll be home later tonite and I’ll try to post some pictures (like the 3 i took — makes you wonder why i bothered bringing a camera.)

MAX Thus Far

I’m at the first “official” day of the conference, been through two sessions — one on Dreamweaver and one on the (very) basics of Flash drawing and illustrating.

We checked in yesterday and went to the pre-conference event which was free drinks and talking with vendors. We actually found a new webhost which seems promising. They told us we could sign up as a reseller and receive a 30% discount on their prices. It still doesn’t come close to what we have with iPower — but their main focus is on technical support, which iPower seems to have NONE of.

David and I are having a blast so far (i totally got drunk last nite). We met one of work friends (from DoubleClick) and his wife, and we’re going to be having dinner/drinks (aka, getting drunk AGAIN) tonite. Can’t wait.

Tomorrow nite, we’re having drinks with our Macromedia representatives (from Austin) and then it’s off to California Adventure (and free drinks to get drunk AGAIN.)

Hooray for having a healthy liver!

Out of Office Reply

Well, I’m off for a few days to the mighty land of California for the Macromedia MAX Conference. I’m actually typing this from the lovely Joz’s computer. She was nice enough to offer me a futon for a night so I could come and visit. So I’m currently in Los Angeles. She took me on a tour of all the fun touristy places from Santa Monica to Hollywood.

And we saw The Robertson Dancer. He’s this guy who wears spandex, and has a boom box, and just spends the dancing. Way funny.

Lots of pretty boys here … *sigh* Of course, I can’t tell who’s gay and who’s not (except for the ones holding hands — which doesn’t do me any good — not that a boy in L.A. would do me any good anyway, but i digress …)

Tonite, Joz and Yoshi and I are going to have a nite on the town with dinner and drinks. Then tomorrow, we pick up David (hopefully) at the airport and off we go to Anaheim.
So glad to be here! Nice to be out of Texas for a while … This is something of a vacation for me, long overdue.

I’ve got a camera, so I’ll be posting pics when I return. ­čÖé I will be back on Thursday (for all intents and purposes).

Don’t miss me too much.

Prolly Shouldnt

Ok, so i’m work, eating lunch in my cube and reading over the latest B3TA news letter. If you don’t know B3TA, you don’t know life. It is usually filled with very juvenile and crass things.
And what I came across today does now stray from their norm. The previous link I posted here (that i warned people about) was from there. And now, I give you yet another link which you probably should not read. But I read it. And I laughed for at least 10 minutes out loud in my office.

It’s about ass sex. But more-so — it’s about a straight guy who decided he wanted to try ass sex with his girl — of course, being the top, not the bottom. She was very hesitant and wanted him to do all this romantic shit for her if she agreed.

The story unfolds from there. And it is HILARIOUS. DISGUSTING, but HILARIOUS. Gotta love naive people.

Unfortunately, the link has since been deleted.  Probably for the good of all humanity.

Tranny Puppets

I was having a discussion with my doll of a friend, Adam, last week about how disturbing the puppets from Mr. Rodger’s Neighborhood were. I mean, the stupid cat lived in a clock and was all “Meow meow meow meow hate living in a fucking clock, Fred. Give me some meow meow fuckin’ tuna.”

And King Friday and Prince Tuesday (who can remember what the bitch Queen was called — “Queen Hot Weekend”?).

But seriously — perhaps most disturbing of all — was Ms. Lady Elaine Fairchild.

What the hell is up with that. It’s like a bad tranny puppet with a serious case of Rosacea. And the bitch could fly! What is up with that!? And she lived in that tripped out spinning museum thing. What exactly kind of museum was it anyway? Museum of tripy psychedelic (but cheap-ass) velvet posters and shimmering bongs.

It’s no wonder so many kids from my generation are in therapy. I don’t know about you, but my imaginary friends growing up did NOT have rosacea.


I Lost 3 Stone

I will admit that this has been probably one of the worst weeks in a very long time. Having a kidney stone sucks really hard. What’s even worse than that is having THREE kidney stones and passing them all in a 3 day period. Granted, I’m very happy that they all came out so close together and didn’t leave me in agony for an extended period of time.

Firstly, I’d been having this pinching feeling in my dick — which, ask pretty much any of my friends — was extremely unpleasant, and left me grabbing myself more often than not. For some reason, “one” of my kidney stones was sloughing off a bunch of skin on the way out, and so all that skin had to come out. OMG, it hurt.

When i passed the first stone, it came out in this nasty tissue-wrapped package. And it turned out to be TWO stones, not one. They weren’t connected. Each one was about 2-3mm. And it was in this nasty bloody tissue. It was like I was having a really heavy flow, chunks and all. (Wow, that must made me throw up a little in my mouth.)

So glory be to god in egg shells that it finally came out. I thought maybe that was the big one the catscan saw, since they were packaged together.

Alas, I was wrong. This morning, out came the 5mm stone. I didn’t even feel it until I peed it out. I was like … “oh.” and had to go in after it.

So my system is mostly clear of stones for the time being. Knock on wood.
I think God owes me a really nice dinner for putting me through all this.

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