MonthSeptember 2005

Comprarticus Podicus!

I finally broke down and bought a 20gb iPod yesterday. I’ve been wanting one for quite a while, and now that we’re having some problems at work withour gateway, I don’t have a way to transfer large files. So now I have portable storage that is way cool and trendy.
Of course, one of the big factors in buying in an iPod is naming it. Being as it’s an external hard drive, you literally ahve to name it — so David and I were discussing the issue yesterday. I named his for him, and he named mine for me. His is now Poddy LuPone. Mine is Podicus. Cute and clever! 🙂

So I’ve been transferring files and stuff on and off all day today, and listening to stuff while i work. It’s really cute … I just wish it weren’t white. I know there are places i can send it to get it colored (i think it’s like $50 to do that) and you can choose from 20 colors or something.
Maybe for Christmas, eh? 🙂

Said Relief

I did a lot of thinking today about a number of things. I do that a lot it seems. Just take time to myself to sort through stuff, figure out my direction, evaluate where I am, what I’m doing, where I’m going, what I want, what I don’t want.

So I spent the day in my apartment — and I even cooked a lasagna. I thought about everything that has happened to me in the last 6 months. New job, boyfriend came, boyfriend gone, quite a few rock chips in my windshield, closer relationships with friends, unexpected turns in friendships — both good and bad, hurricane Katrina, increasing oil costs … so many stressful things. So much … life.

And that’s really what everything is about. Life. I mean, what would we do without fairly significant events that happen to us? We’d get so bored. Yah, sure, the financial toll is rough. But it makes us use our brains to figure out how to get around that stuff. We have to strategize and move those chess pieces around to still come out on top. And some of the time, we don’t. In fact, I’d say it’s always a 50/50 shot. And it just sucks to hell when we lose.
But ya know what I realized today?

I don’t know what I want. And what’s more — I don’t really want to know what I want. I’m tired of looking at things for what I want them to be. Because I do that and it becomes damn hard to see what they really are. And why not just take it for what it is? There’s the real value. The real investment. I don’t want to invest in “futures.” I want to invest in the here and nows. Futures are built on here and nows.

I thought a lot about the victims of Hurricane Katrina today. About all the death that happened. How it must have caught them by surprise, the lack of resources, the fear, the sorrow. And I can’t even begin to imagine what it must have been like. I haven’t gone to volunteer to help, to work with the evacuees. I haven’t taken them clothing or worked at the dome. I’ve heard a lot of people who have. Some who did it to help, some to eleviate their personal guilt. I guess the reason doesn’t really matter as long as it happens.

With that being said — I did donate to the Red Cross. If you are interested in donating to something, here is a good list of different places, including the Red Cross, who would be happy to assist you.

I hope that these people feel they have found hope, help, and solace in our communities. I hope that their grief is a minimal as possible, and that their future can be rebuilt through the love and charity of loving human beings.

anything box

Friday nite, Alex and I ventured into Houston to go see the reunion concert of Anything Box. Who is Anything Box you ask? Well, you remember in the late 80s (prolly like 89 or so), there was a song called “Living in Oblivion” — well that was them. They have continued to release albums, although their style has changed pretty signficantly from 80s pop.
Anyway, so the concert was supposed to start at 11, and we preordered tix for $20 a piece. Not unreasonable. We arrive at this club, Club 1415, to which neither of us had ever been before — and there was a line wrapped around the block waiting to get in. We were like “uhhh.” Luckily, there was much much shorter line for people who pre-ordered tickets. We get inside and wander around a bit (this is about 10:15) and eventually go up to place our drink orders, which still — with only a handful of people, took us prolly 10 minutes to place our orders. We opened tabs and took our drinks to the floor cuz they were playing some great 80s new wave stuff.
It’s about 10:45 and we decide to get refresh our drinks for the show. 20 minutes later, we still don’t have drinks and the place is absolutely crammed packed. We decide to blow off the drinks because the floor is getting packed and we wanted to make sure we had ok places.
More and more and more and more people crowd in. It is SO hot in there, and they opened the back doors which line this place, letting in the hot, humid Texas air (which really helped to cool us all off, let me tell you). We’re standing there crammed in behind the Elephant Couple and this really hot latin boy … (I totally kept staring at his chest, cuz he was totally built, and I just wanted to touch — but I imagine his skank of a girlfriend probably wouldn’t have liked that — nor would he have for that matter.)
One comment that Alex and I both made was the number of Asian people in attendence. I mean, I’m certainly not a racist person — but the VAST majority of people there were Asian — and we were like “uhhh, what’s up with this? Did we miss the memo? Do Asians inheritently like 80’s synth pop?”
So 11:00, 11:15, 11:30, Midnight … hot as fuck, beads of sweat keep rolling down my back, smoke EVERYWHERE, the fat elephant man behind me keeps touching me, the asian girls behind us keep screaming, NO drinks … and finally at like 12:15, the show starts.
Next, it was just amazing, as soon as they started singing, it was like everyone’s arms got erections. They were ALL up in the air (not minding the heat and sweaty pits, of course) and there was a cell phone in EVERY hand taking pictures. I was like “good dear sweet jesus.” We couldn’t see shit, and we were only like 7 feet from the stage. We sorta stood there dancing a little bit (trying to dance in the 1 inch square space we had to move in) and I turned to Alex and was like “i’m gonna go try to close my tab.” She thinks that’s a great idea, and off we go throught the crowd.
20 minutes later, Alex gets her tab — and the stupid bartending bitch (who obviously had an addiction to SOMETHING) never did my card, so 15 minutes later i’m like “HELLO. MY CARD.” Bear in mind, it was only $4 because we could never order drinks again. She looked at me and was like “for this?” and rolled her eyes.
Needless to say, the bitch did not get a tip.
We stayed for about 45 minutes of the show and decided that we’d rather be living in oblivion than living in that nasty as room full of skanky people and their cell phones. So we left and listened to the new Goldfrapp album the whole way home.
It was certainly an experience. And — the band was actually fantastic. We didn’t see much of them, but the songs they did were great. So, if you can ever see them — go! Just not at Club 1415.

mad world

I don’t understand the world really, and I’m actually having something of a difficult time grasping this whole New Orleans tragedy. In fact, I think I’ve rather chosen not to deal with it, just sort’a staring at it with incomprehension, almost like a deer caught in the headlights.
I’m not really sure why, i don’t know anyone affected — I just watch. And wonder what the hell is wrong with people. This is difficult situation, and lots of people are helping each other — and that’s good. Because no one will get through this if there isn’t help. And the federal government is sure dragging it’s feet. Thank God for organizations like the Red Cross and Salvation Army who are able to act almost immediately.
And you know — I can’t help but think that if New Orleans was a predominantly white Republican state, a lot more relief would have been provided at a much quicker rate. And to that, I say Fuck You, Mr. President. The small things, like having New Orlean’s flood prevention budget cut by 45% percent to help fund the war — cutting research into levee engineering … why wasn’t this a priority, particularly when NOLA provides 25% of the oil for the country. HELLO, Mr. President. Get off your honkey ass, grab a soul, and help these people. It is not that difficult. Do your job already.

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