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Aww So Sweet

I always wanted a pet caterpillar who would be my friend and love me, and take me out to dinner. Maybe he could eat kidney stones, and I could make him crawl up my wee and eat the one that is causing me so much grief. And then it could morph into a butterfly and fly away and live for a day and die, having been content with the kidney stone meal it thrived on.

A Touch of Satan

I drank too much last nite. WAAYY too much. And typically, I’m way tired after drinking that much. But … I just couldn’t sleep… So i stayed up and watched a movie called “A Touch of Satan.” It was actually one of those MST3K movies and was an absolutely terrible movie, but amusing nonetheless. There were so many plot holes that I could have been lost forever had I fallen into one. I think the director’s approach was “oh this was be cool, let’s throw this in there too,” regardless of whether it had anything else to do with anything.

The movie was about this girl who had been possessed by Satan in agreement that her sister (who was being accused of being a witch) wouldn’t be killed when they were burning her to death. Apparently, she should have been more specific because the sister was still horribly scarred. LOL Damn the luck. She couldn’t die apparently, cuz she was now like 127 years old. Well she meets this guy, and he falls in love with her after a day.

Apparently the only way he can un-possess her is if he fucks her. Well, of course, he does, and of course age catches up with her in about 1 minute (must have been one hella load he dropped). Well, he freaks out cuz she’s all gross looking and agrees to be possessed by satan if she is made young again. So he does, and is, and she is young again — because he loves her — after a day.

Now I’ve had some pretty fast-moving relationships, but I think giving your soul to Satan after 1 day because you think you love someone (or are at least going to get some) ranks pretty high on my list of being desperate. Perhaps I’m wrong, who can say. My relationships haven’t been successful, perhaps that’s what I’ve been doing wrong.

Anyway, that movie was, apparently, enough to put me to sleep, cuz I zonked out almost immediately after it was over. And thankfully, I didn’t dream about it — or at least I don’t remember my dream last nite. Perhaps that’s a good thing too.

I don’t really understand how movies like this get made. I mean, if it’s a college assignment — that’s understandable — and i hope they failed the course. But still — I have a lot of projects that could use financial investment that could, no doubt, shine in comparison to that poo.
Then again … how does this shit get made, and yet we still can’t cure a lot of cancers, the HIV, or kidney stones? HELLO. Not an unreasonable investment, me thinks.

how to identify an old fag

When you read the CNN headline “D’Angelo critically injured in SUV crash” and your mind instantly thinks, “OMG, Beverly D’Angelo was in a wreck!?” — that’s how you know you’re an old fag.

Who is Beverly D’Angelo? Well, she’s no “R&B crooner”. LOL She was Shelia in the movie version of Hair — and she was the mom in National Lampoon’s European Vacation.
I’m such a freak. LOL

Wanna Sit on It?

I’m going to be moving in November, and I’ve been trying to prep things to make this move as easy as possible. One of those things is getting ride of my old couch. It’s a sleeper sofa that is heavy as shit. In fact, the movers charged me extra to move it. And on top of everything, it’s broken. (I bought it from a friend, knowing it was broken, as I had no intention of using it as a sleeper sofa — particularly knowing what all had gone on IN that sleeper sofa.)

But, now that it’s come time to move, I don’t want the damn thing. It’s heavy, has holes in it, and — in general — is something I don’t want to be burdened with. Moving something THAT big and THAT heavy down three flights of stairs is no picnic.

So — I bought a new couch today. 🙂 Hooray! The lady said that, while there is no guarantee, the movers might remove my old sofa when they deliver my new one — if I tip. Well, I was planning on tipping anyway, so I guess that’s a good thing. Of course, they’ll probably lift it and be all “oh, hell no.”

Ok, wow, that picture is way ugly. It is much nicer in the store. I hate my damn cell phone camera. Bastard piece of shit.

Almost Done

Well, Rita came and went. We got like 1″ of rain and there was no damage to any of my familes’ houses/apartments. My mom’s house was without power for like 9 hours, that’s it. I, however, still do not have power — so I’m back over here for another nite. I did go back and drop my sad kitty off. It was kind’a warm, and I did sit there for a while with the windows and doors open, letting cool breezes (and bugs) pass through.

I had expected to have power when I got back … and it worries me that we don’t. Makes me think a power line must have fallen because everyone else seemed to have power (and yes, my power bill is paid up. 🙂 ).

I did take some pictures with my phone of pre- and post-Rita. Not that impressive to be honest. I’m just glad it’s over and done with. I slept the through the worst of it. Woke up with no power (although I had some VERY vivid dreams that nite of a somewhat sexual nature with some interesting people — one of whom it seemed to center around that I’ve never seen before. Weird.)

Anywho … I’m trying to catch up with school, but it seems almost pointless on my mac. Having a mac mini makes life much MUCH easier when you have to move a computer around (and you don’t have a laptop).

Anyway, I’ll try to post some pictures later. I need to charge my phone up and email them to myself.


Things didn’t quite turn out as we had planned. I did not go to Oklahomo after all. I’m at my mother’s house in Friendswood, roughly 30 minutes from Galveston. It is one the evacuation zones, and we don’t really know what to expect.

As of now, there is no rain. The wind is beginning to pick up, and we can hear the occasional howl outside. Thank god it’s gown down to a cat 3.

We had left yesterday morning at 4:30 to head to Oklahoma. We made it to about 2 miles before 610 almost immediately with no problems. Then … we sat. And sat. And sat.

We traveled 17.3 miles in 6 hours. We started to worry because of the gas shortage and figured the chances of us getting to Dallas (which the radio said was a 24 hour drive – normally 4.5 hours) were low. So … we turned around and came back to my mother’s house.
It’s been so sad hearing the news. Peoples’ animals have died from the heat in the cars, some died of cabon monoxide poisoning in the back of a truck. People have stopped and let their animals go on the side of the road, thinking it better for them than dying in a car.

The city is like totally empty. I went with my grandmother this morning to her house to pick up some more supplies (food, water, etc) — and it was kind’a freaky. Totally empty roads, boarded up houses. I kept expecting zombies to race out and attack us (go me for watching too many zombie movies).

I’ve spent the past two days chopping up huge tree limbs that were sitting in the drive way. My arms/shoulders/legs are sore from that.

Oh, and that kidney stone that sorta went “innactive” a month ago decided to rear his head again two days ago. I seem to piss blood on and off. Probably all the heavy lifting and muscle work. It sucks — but I’m not hurting. Thank god.

As far as I know, all of my friends have a safe place to be. David, Alex, Patrick, and Rocky made it out of the city (sorta). Michael-gurl is back in Pearland with her family. I hope they make it ok. Her area floods a bit.

Anyway, just wanted to let you know I’m ok and what not. I probably won’t post again until after the storm passes and we have electricity/internet again.

Pray for my friends, peeps. Their saftey worries me, and I wish I had a way to be directly in constant contact with them. We’ve been text-messaging back and forth on cell phones … but still. I wish they were here with me.

Shelter from the Storm

I’m kind’a in a rush at the moment (but never too busy to blog, right? ROFL. right.) I really hope and pray that everyone comes out of this ok. I worry still. I’ll be back on to post whenever I can.

Stormy Weather

Ya know … when I said I wanted a ‘rita — I should have been more specific. Cuz now we got this Rita bitch floatin’ around the Gulf of Mexico with a fancy eye on Houston.

I’m leaving to go somewhere north with my mother and a few members of my extended family. Looks like we’re going to Oklahomo, where the wind comes sweepin’ down the plain. And ya know, the wavin’ wheat can sure smell sweet … yah, yah. I know. I’ll stop — I’m not THAT gay.

Anyway, as of this posting (10pm, Tuesday, Sept. 20, 2005), I am very much alive and have all my possessions about me, some which are about to packed and loaded into my car.

I worry about my friends here. I know everyone for the most part is leaving … but I still worry. I would be devastated if something happened. So, friends — if you read this — I expect you to text message me to let me know you’re ok, please.


Or I’ll so kick your ass when we get back.


So much to say … but not here. Another time, another place, I suppose. So let’s raise our glasses to those lessons that go unlearned, and those things that are better left unspoken. May the ghosts of those secret skeletons forever lie in peace, until the day comes when they deem themselves worthy enough to move on, redemption through forgotten penance and virtue.

My mother and me at her birthday in August.

Water Woes

I left my apartment this morning, running late (as usual) only to find a note on my doorknob. That means it was placed on there sometime between 9:30 last nite (when I got home) and 8:30 this morning when I left. Interesting in and of itself.

It was a notice from the City of Seabrook. It goes like this:

Your apartment’s management company has repeatedly failed to keep its utility account with the City of Seabrook current. Unfortunately we must change the service delivery to one 3/4″ common water hydrant located at the northwest corner of Building 3. This will be in effect at 10:00 AM on Thursday, September 14. We regret this inconvenience but suggest you contact the apartment management company at [number].

Thank you.

City of Seabrook Utility Billing Department

What a bunch of asshats. It is no secret that I hate my complex. The management company that took over SUCKS ASS. People who may read this — do not lease an apartment from Forest Cove Apartments in Seabrook, TX. They are terrible. One of the buildings burned down about 2 months in a 3-alarm fire — and all they did was put a chain-link fence around it and let it sit. Quite the eyesore. I heard previously that they had not been paying their insurance from someone who worked for the property. Of course, I also sorta question the source.

But it’s apparent that they’re a little short on cash if they can’t pay the damn water bill. And the big question is … if I pay my water bill for the complex … why is the complex not paying the bill.

I just called the utility department to get more information – and it seems that they also have not been paying their phone bill because the line is disconnected and distributing these notices was one of the ways they used to communicate the issue with the property since they are not getting in touch with the utility billing department.

Ridiculous. I called the management company (that was listed on the notice) and they told me they are researching the claim (bullshit, it’s called you either pay the bill or you don’t.) So, I may not have water on Thursday.

(And can i mention that the date on the notice was wrong? Thursday is the 15th, not the 14th. heh).

So I might be moving if they turn off the water. Cuz that should void my lease. I think. We’ll see.

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