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what’s new buenos aires

Today hasn’t been the most delightful day in my life. I’ve never handled financial stress very well, and today is like a seemingly unsurmountable heap of financial stress. I’m not going to go into the details, but suffice it to say that I’m am seriously broke in a rather serious way — and that freaks me the fuck out.
I could lecture forever on how I should be more financially alert, frugal, smart — but saying and doing are two different things. I need to start making investments. I need to increase my saving capacity. I need to (grealty) reduce my debt. Debt sucks ass, people.
But, I have to say, that despite a dismal outlook until I get paid again on Monday … it’s amazing how much better listen to Evita has made me feel. When I was younger (about 9 years ago), I used to use musical theatre as an escape. Was much easier to be absorbed into music and a story than suffer through my own issues.
So see how funny it is that if Eva Peron wasn’t a whore, if she didn’t sleep her way to the top and be the inspirational woman that she was — I would still be having a shitty day. So i’ll drink one to you tonite, Ms. Eva Peron, for being the slut that offered me peace of mind.

fun facts about god

My darling friend Alex sent this to me, and I just thought it was way too fun to keep to myself. So – learn about God.

  • God is a mammal
  • He appears if you repetitively press Ctrl+Alt+Delete (at least 5 times).
  • God is away on business please leave a message.
  • God could quite easily create a rock so heavy that not even He could lift it. He just doesn’t want to.
  • God is frequently confused with Dave Cauvin and Caroline Bardwell.
  • God doesn’t mind his job, but what he’s really always wanted to do is write sitcom about a group of greek holidaymakers from the moon.
  • God invented the sport of lacrosse, he strongly disagrees with the sport of ironing
  • God smells like winter rain.
  • God farts like men.
  • God could kick your ass, but he’s afraid of what everyone else’s imaginary friends might think.
  • God eats chips.
  • God was cancelled.
  • God may actually be synonomous with Clint Eastwood.
  • E.C. is God, but in 31337, Bob will become God.
  • God is actually a Pok

step in the right direction

I read an article today from MS that detailed some of the bug fixes they’ve thrown into IE7. It really is a shame that it took the release of a superior browser to get them to fix their shit. Beyond the bug fixes, they talked about the Acid2 test for browser-compatibility. Acid2 is not a standards-complient test, more like a wish-list of what would be nice to have in a browser. So no, IE7 will NOT pass the Acid2 test — but they ARE improving the CSS rendering. Here is a list of some of the fixes.
HTML 4.01 ABBR tag
Improved (though not yet perfect) fallback
CSS 2.1 Selector support (child, adjacent, attribute, first-child etc.)
CSS 2.1 Fixed positioning
Alpha channel in PNG images
Fix :hover on all elements
Fix width:auto;
Background-attachment: fixed on all elements not just body
At least MS is moving in the right direction. I’m not certain they’ll regain the footing in marketshare with the release of IE7, but it may keep people from transitioning so quickly.

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