MonthJuly 2005

Happy 4th

For some reason, this weekend has gone by really slow. I’m not complaining about that by any means. It’s hot a hell outside and I really no desire to be in it. I mean, people seem to think it’s ok to spontaneously break out in sweat, but to break out in song … you’re fucked up.
So — I indulged myself a little this weekend and bought some hardware that allows me to hook my piano up to my mac and record stuff via GarageBand. I’m still learning — and for some reason, everything records mostly mono — Monstly meaning the left channel is super-quiet, tho it is there. So after some crafty fidgeting, i took the mp3 into another app, removed the left channel, and replaced the left with a duplicate of the right.
I did this last nite at 2:30 am. So — here is my first song — with one take —

Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Look, I did one more — this isn’t perfect. First try on this one.
La Dispute (from Amelie)

a sentimental journey

I was reading a friend’s blog today who had posted a song that was sentimental to her from her childhood. That got me thinking — not so much about songs from my childhood – but songs that have had a lasting sentimental impression on me. Only a few, to be honest. These songs are the kind of songs that never get old and I can never hear them enough because they have that emotional link to them. I’ll add the mp3s when i get home (unless i have them here, which I may).
1. The Very Thought Of You (Nat King Cole)
2. Baby Mine (Dumbo)
3. The Rainbow Connection (Muppets)
4. Barcelona (Rufus Wainwright)
5. Hero and Leander (Adam Guettal)
6. Unexpected Song (Song & Dance/Tell Me On a Sunday)
7. Crazy (Patsy Cline)
8. Be Still My Soul (um — traditional, I guess)
9. Golden Slumbers (The Beatles)
10. Blanket For A Sail (Harry Nillsen)
They all have value for one reason or another — none of which I’m going to go into. Some of you know the songs and the reasons — some of you know the songs and are the reason. But I digress … I’ll post some of these tonite.

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