MonthJuly 2005

a craving

I had a meatball sub today from Specs that was fantastic. And as i sat this delictable morsel down on its side, i looked at it and instantly had the strangest craving…
See my sub is on wheat bread, and it looks really good. And it reminds me of this crappy gross place in Utah called Sconecutters. I know a lot of people want to throw up thinking about that place. But I have one good memory there:
Wheat scone with honeybutter and cinnamon.
OMG. I would give both nuts and several vials of babies to have one right now. The rest of their food was disgusting, i believe. But my god…. a honeybutter and cinnamon scone would fit the bill.
OH — and I also got a 2-liter bottle of Antartica Guarana at Specs. David was a sweetheart (as always) and bought me my lunch and the Guarana. Gotta love a boy who will buy you Guarana.

remains of the day

I haven’t blogged in a while, I know, and this is my first attempt at using the beta version of MovableType 3.2. So hopefully this posts and doesn’t return a database error. (Being that it’s a beta, the documentation was not complete, and was, in fact wrong for doing an upgrade. — But I figured it out.)
I spent most of this weekend with Rocky … the boy I’ve been dating for the past while. We didn’t do anything really eventful — I made dinner Friday nite and we watched part of Waiting for Guffman. Saturday nite we watched Hedwig and the Angry Inch. The rest of the weekend I spent cleaning, doing homework, and working on a design for my blog (maybe i’ll have that done this week … we’ll see. I’m being kind’a crazy with it.)
I got an email from Friendster about Anything Box — they’re having a one nite reunion concert at some club i’ve never heard of in Houston (Club 1415 maybe? I can’t remember). It’s September 2nd. I’m SO going to go! I love them! (For those of you who may not recall them, think “Living in Oblivion” from the late 80s or early 90s.)
So while i was in Friendster, I noticed my friendster list was one short. Anyone want to take a guess at who disappeared …. I’m not going to dwell on this because it rather upset me yesterday when I saw this. But my ex, Matt, took me off his friend list. I know it sounds really 8th grade and all — but I’m angry because he totally completely dismissed me, despite telling both me AND David (on separate occasions) that he would definitely like to stay in touch with me. So why am I upset? Because of the amount of effort I put forth in that relationship. I don’t think I did anything to warrant a complete dismissal. So i thought it was a pretty shitty return-on-investment.
Ok, so enough ranting. He was a chapter. Chapter’s over. (I thought I said enough ranting.)
But now I’m on to bigger, better things (or possibly shorter, better things). And we’ll see what happens. Taking things a day at a time, minimal expectations. Best way to play your hand, i belive.


Upgrading my blogging software to a beta … hope it doesn’t cause problems. 🙂

trouble at hogwarts!

Every good Christian knows that the new Harry Potter book comes out tomorrow, filled with Christ-loving examples of brotherly kindness, solid Christian devotion, and prayerful meditation.
Jesus loves Harry Potter. And Voldemort too.

i (don’t heart) summer

I am a winter boy. I like the cold. I like the snow. I like the mountains. Not to mention a good mug of hot chocolate (with a splash of peppermine schnapps or Bailey’s) and a fire and an overstuffed red couch.
But. I DETEST summer. If I wanted to sweat, I’d move closer to the Equator or do manual labor. I do NOT like walking outside and being instantly moist. I am not a snack-cake, contrary to popular belief. I may have a cream-filled center (wow, that was graphic), but I am not squishy and vanilla-flavored.
However, there is one aspect of summer that i love that ALMOST makes it bearable. And that would be the massive, black-clouded thunderstorms we get. I mean, it sucks to drive in — but sitting inside somewhere comfortable — dry — while it thunders and lightnings and pours down for hours and hours — is just nice. — Until the lights go out, the A/C turns off, and the heat and humidity creep in. Then God’s an asshole. But until then, thunderstorms are awesome.
And I was miserable in June because we had record heat and it rained .01″ the entire month. This month, however, it’s rained huge storms every day for the past week. I love to wake up in the morning to rain, particularly on the weekends. Love to cook when it rains. And I love to dance naked in the rain, jumping in the puddles so my ittybits bounce around.
Just kidding about that part, mom.
Anyway, it’s supposed to rain for the rest of the week, and I’m way excited.

makin’ whoopee

It’s almost time to go home, but i’m kind’a bored. Alas, woe is me. I’ve been working in Flash all day today and my mind has turned into a sort of marscapone cheese mush. So I’ve been looking productive, but proving otherwise.
One of my coworkers sent me a picture he took of me. I’m not really a photogenic person — but this wasn’t half bad, and it at least shows that I’ve been losing weight.

almost useful news

Well — that major award-winning movie The Garbage Pail Kids comes out on DVD today. Make sure you rush out and pick up a copy ….
In other news … Lloyd Webber’s Sunset Boulevard is indeed going to be made into a movie — starring Glenn Close and …. Ewan McGregor. He will be perfect for it. Her … well. Just cuz she won an award doesn’t mean she’s all that. Vocally, she’s moosh. Though, truthfully, the role is fairly vocally demanding. Betty Buckley would have probably been my ideal cast, tho I don’t know she could really deliver the role on screen vocally. Glenn Close is just psycho which makes her pefect for the role of Norma Desmond. I fear for it … and I wonder if it will be in black and white like the original. It’s supposed to be ready for Christmas 2006.
Also, don’t forget that RENT is coming out this November. You can see the trailer … here.
I went to see this movie called Mysterious Skin last nite with my friend Jaime. OMG, that was one of the most disturbing movies I’ve ever seen. It was very provocative. Very sad … dealt with things like gay rape, child molesation, gay hustling, emotional abuse — but it wasn’t until the end of the movie that it seriously delivered that draw-jopping issue, which I’m not even going to mention here for fear of the search results I may garner. It left me feeling kind’a dirty, but also like i wanted to curl up with someone (in the fetal position, prolly) and just be held. Not that that happened, of course, but still — was just a weird movie. I don’t recommend it simply because of the after-feeling. (It WAS well-acted tho.)


Ok, I did it again. I recorded a new song this weekend. This song is called Marelle — it’s from Cirque Du Soleil’s production of Quidam. I actually used different voices for this one, lucky you. Was a fairly solid attempt, I suppose, although the timpani in the end could definitely be louder and — well, as with the others, it really sounds pretty canned. But oh well — that will just have to be until I can get a better keyboard.
Only a few people have heard it to which the response was “i’m sitting in the dark and you’re making me listen to a song that makes me think of bloody clowns 🙁 ” That and “it gives me ass burn.” I’m not sure what ass burn is, nor do I think I want to know.
But here ya go, check it out. Marelle.

potty talk

I guess it should say something about my life that the only thing i have to blog about is the bathroom at work. You may recall my post about the person wanking in the urinal. Well, I’m starting to wonder if it was someone who reads this, because after i posted that, it stopped.
However, I’m still amazed at peoples’ potty habits at work. I mean, someone goes into a stall to shit, and they leave toilet paper all over the floor. I mean, leaving an empty toilet paper roll on the thing is one thing, but leaving sheets of tp on the floor … that’s certainly another. I mean, shit. At least put it in the toilet and flush.
Secondly — what is it with the people who just shed pubes at the urinal. I feel like I’m peeing on someone’s lawn. That’s gross. If you lose THAT much hair, you either need to trim or see a doctor about hair loss.
Thirdly, why do people pick their nose when they pee and wipe it on the wall? And more importantly, when the janitor people come in to clean the urinal, why don’t they clean the walls!? Gross. Men can be so gross. Do women do that when they sit in the stall? Just pick their nose and wipe it on whatever is handy? I mean, at least women have toilet paper near by.
Fourthly, I think it’s funny how my mind jumps to conclusions when i see weird things in the urinal. Like, someone could spit a multi-colored loogie in the toilet and not flush, and i’ll just assume it’s some penial discharge because of gonhorrea or something. Always assume the worst, ya know?
Anyway. That’s how my life has been the last week: perusing the public bathrooms at work for topics on which to blog.

captain obvious strikes again

Ya know, the 4th of July has never really done much for me. I mean, the idea of what it is is great and all. But why in the world woudl I want to stand around outside in the Texas heat, mosquitos, and wailing children to watch fireworks? I’ll pass, thanks.
But I did visit my mother yesterday. She was having a small family get-together with my aunt and two grandmothers (grandma and step-grandma — not lesbian grandmas) (tho that would be cool/creepy). So all the food is in the oven baking and me and my grandmas are sitting at the table chatting and this, that, and the other — and I guess I started looking at myself from their perspective and i realized — ya know, life should not be this hard.
I get so caught up in stuff, so bogged down how I want things to be, how i expect things to be — and it makes me miserable. I wallow in what isn’t. And to what point? Not like it changes things. I should be happier. I should smile more — laugh more. Do more of the thigns i enjoy. I sit back and just wait for things to happen, and put everything else on hold.
So, that’s my attempt. To smile more, laugh more. Be less serious about what happens. Just not worth it :).

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