MonthMarch 2005

if you’re going to san francisco

what a nice weekend! the weather was absolutley amazing. Very comfortable temperature, hovering around 79. i took the day off friday to catch up on some projects and be with matt. My mom calls me around 11am and tells me my mac mini has arrived.
the day stopped there.
I ran over and picked it up and played with it all day, hooking up my router so my pc and mac can share a connection and share mp3s. Prolly fidgeted with hardware way more than I should have … but it’s done. For now. I think I’m going to find another monitor tho, because I HATE not having two monitors for my pc now. 🙁
So I love the mac mini — but I will save that for another post. 🙂
Friday began again when Matt shows up, kisses me hello and gives me these:

He also gave me a little stuffed lion named Kitty (that’s what we call my cat). No one has ever given me flowers before … and I think he did a smashing job on picking them out! Wow, I was just stunned and amazed. My original plan was to surprise him with dinner that nite — and it turned out well, except for the steamed green beans. They were like little bricks. LOL! But I don’t take the blame 100% on those … when I was picking out the “fresh” green beans, I was like “these beans look fucked up. They’re so rough and dry …” I finally asked another woman there “do these look right to you?” And she picked one up and was like “uh, no. why are they all bumpy?” So I’m going to blame it on them. Pride mandates.
Then we parked our asses on the couch and watched this most HILARIOUS movie “Girls Will Be Girls.” Holy shit, we laughed so hard. Then we watched “Die, Mommie, Die!” but I fell asleep in his lap while he finished watching it. That movie was no where near as funny as Girls Will Be Girls, but it’s still good.
The weekend went out, ending on Sunday with the AIDS Walk. Together, Matt and I raised over $700 in donations. (More than half of that was him … but I did ok too.) It was nice being out in the park with Matt. My friend JB, Matt’s sister (Jennifer), and her husband were with us. We did the 5k walk hand in hand and laughing at this, that, and the other (and that old woman by us who had on more makeup than a circus clown). I’m rather sore … pulled a little muscle. But it was a really nice afternoon all together. Then matt and I went home and took a nap.
Altogether, another great weekend with Matt. Very happy that I met him. As if the grin on my face didn’t say that already. 🙂

when i was a little girl

Ya know — I wouldn’t mind having children, i dont think. Provided, that is, that they are boys, don’t have red hair, and can be created minus that whole vaginal interaction thing. However, I hate it when you go out places and think “damn, that is an UGLY baby. Put some more blankets on that thang.” And sometimes, you seem them so happy and laughing and playing with other kids and you think, “Damn, that is one ugly kid! Teach it to play in the dark!” And then you look at their parents and think “geez, where’s Darwin when you need him?”

so bored

This week has really dragged by. I mean, REALLY dragged by. Of course, i feel like I’ve had a gazillion projects to do. I managed to wash some towels. But unfortunately, I didn’t manage to get those washed towels into the dryer. So i will be washing those towels again. I do that a lot. I’m one lazy SOB.
I’ve been thinking a lot lately about my former life and the people i was friends with. I remember when i was 8, I had this friend named Amit. Amit was kick ass. I have no idea what ethnicity he was, but he was so cool. We used to always make jokes about his name “Hey Amit, don’t vomit on the comit.” (Cuz you know, we were real original in those days.) I remember he LOVED Voltron. We both did. We had the little lions that you could build Voltron with (which I have now learned were painted with LEAD paint. Prolly acounts for my intelligence and love of things that sparkle.) He used to pretend he was Voltron and he’d make these noises (was hilarious now that i think about it.) But Amit was kick ass.
Someone, I ended up getting cat scratch fever in my right jaw joint, and i had to have surgery to drain the pus. Everyone in my class made me cards (which was very nice and all). Amit drew Voltron on his. LOL I remember this so well. I kept that card for a long time — tho I have no idea where it is now.
Anyway, I moved that year and never heard from him again. I don’t know if he knew how cool he was. So Amit, if by chance you should read this, you were a kick ass friend. I bet you’re like some awesome programmer now who plans to conquor the world using PHP, JavaScript, and caffeine.
I had this other friend that same year named Chelee. He was russian or something. Was totally hot. Can I say that about an 8 year old? LOL
I also had a girlfriend in 2nd grade. Her name was Natalie. She had pink Jellies. And she went to my birthday at Showbiz Pizza and i kissed her in the balls. Well. LOL In that ball playpen thing that has all those gross kid germs and pee in it. Not her balls (unless … well, boy wouldn’t that be ironic.) Now that I think about it, she wasn’t that pretty. She had blonde hair and was skinny skinny. Was kind’a a bitch. No wonder I’m gay.
But I loved her shoes.

continental express

Well, now that the rain has gone away and the sun (as bright as it is) is out, the world has become happy and stuff. Everyone is in a good mood life sparkles with sudden newness. (or something.)
I got an e-mail yesterday from Continental asking to schedule an interview for a position I applied for (thanks to David). Apparently the gods have smiled upon me TWICE now! First Matt, and now this!? Not that I’m counting my blessings or anything, but NICE! So I requested an interview for Friday and I’ll just take the whole day off and do that. The weather should be nice. Thinking I’ll go buy a new shirt for that.
So that put my evening off to a good start. So I was doing some homework and other stuff and Matt calls. He has some bad news (which I won’t get into here) and asked if he could come see me. I was surprised … I mean, he lives a little over an hour away, and it was storming outside. But of course I said yes. He came and we talked for a little while, i held him for a good long while (which was really nice) and just spent time with him doing nothing.
And he resolved a lot of my personal insecurities (which I also won’t go into here) — but I’m very happy with Matt. He’s an amazing guy wh o makes me smile like no one else. We spent the weekend together in Beaumont, taunting the locals — and I took this picture of him with my shitty phone.

be still my soul

today is rain. rain and rain and rain. i woke up this morning to the patter of raindrops on the street outside and on the roof. i turned off my alarm clock and laid in bed, listening to the steady pulse of nature. i was warm and sleepy. yuna was curled up next to me, oblivious to the goings on outside, and just laid there with my eyes closed.
and then i had to get up and go to work. stepped out of bed and walked toward the bathroom and noticed the bohemeth-size pile of cat puke in the living room. I see yuna was glad i was home …
it rained a constant shower the entire way to work, harder as I approached Galveston. i listened to erasure’s new cd, nightbird, – more as background noise than anything – as I drove in a rainy state of mind.
and now i’m at work. its still raining. i had lunch alone, reading my (very informative) book on using php and mysql to develop dynamic websites.
very blah day. kind’a a downer coming off such an enjoyable weekend with Matt. Going to an empty apartment kind’a sux that way. Especially when that empty apartment has a fresh pile of vomit in it.

be still my soul — libera

what’s a boy to do

I’m sitting in eCamp now … I finished my presentations and I’m watching Alex teach our staff about some of the more advanced features of Google that will be helpful to them — like Google Scholar, Calculations, etc. But I don’t have anythign to do.
I checked CNN and read that gas is expected to jump $.25 in the next few days. What the fuck is that. People are being assholes about this whole gas thing. Like the energy companies are hurting for money. I understand that the price of crude is rising — but heaven forbid that the energy companies might actually make a little less money. I mean, dear sweet jesus. Maybe I should pray …
Oh dear sweet jesus,
please let us have free gas, or at least gas that doesn’t force me to sell sperm so I can afford to drive to work. Please give me the knowledge to convert my car to run on oxygen or water and to inspire others to do so as well so that we can leave sad and drab desert regions alone and to live in peace. Please bless me with a good get-rich-quick scheme so I can retire next year (this work this is starting to get on my nerves). Give me the ability to make others worship me and think I’m wonderful, almost Christ-like (you’ve done it several times before to others, just – ya know – leave out the whole cruxificition thing if you don’t mind).
Oh, and I’m sorry about that thing I did the other day with that thing.

sudden realization

I came up from eCamp to my now-room-temparture Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper. I’m also chompin’ on some kind of mint gum. Together — they taste a WHOLE LOT like Cherry Nyquil.
Escuse me while I barf.

i was only dreamin’

I’ve been having bizarre dreams lately – either really vivid, or really bizarre. Like, a couple of days ago I had this dream where I was in the ER again (wait, did I blog this? I have no memory.) Anyway, I was in the ER for kidney stones, hurting something fierce. These two nurses come in to give me an IV, but they give me two — one in each hand — and not like normal IVs. They do it crucifixion style, where they just jabbed it vertically into my hand. And let me tell you — that hurt like nuthin else.
So then they’re all we need x-rays. So I’m wheeled off to have an x-ray and they tell me i have a TWO INCH stone in my right ureter. I woke up right after that, thankfully. Glad we didn’t get to the removal process, I might never have woken up.
Anyway — last night’s dream was equally as weird. I was in this big house/mansion thing that had a TGIFridays or some restaurant in it. It was me, Matt, Michael-gurl, Patrick, Brad, and that blonde guy from Dude, Where’s My Car (not Ashton). Jennifer Aniston was in it too. But she was wandering around outside the mansion trying to evade Zombies that kept coming up out of the ground. There were dogs chasing her too. At one point, they ripped off her foot and ankle, and there was a lot of screaming and blood, but we just kind’a laughed and went back inside. (What does this say?)
So we’re in the house and wandering around — there are all these deadly puzzles and mazes and traps. We’re all huddled together moving slowly down a hall. We come to an intersection, and down one hall are all these moving platforms, and the floor has all these numbers in red and black squares — kind’a like a roulette or craps table. So the blonde guy heads down that hall, despite our yelling, and he goes and jumps on one of the platforms which then heads up to the ceiling. Next thing we know, his head is lobbed off and rolls down some chute next to us. We were like ‘Yah, he was dumb.’
I woke up shortly after that. BUT I did, at least, wake up early and feeling rested. I’ve now worked almost 2 hours over this week. So that means I can take off early tomorrow and go see Matt. 🙂

nothing to say

I really don’t have much to say today. Been a frustrating day really. Woke up by my alarm this morning from a hard sleep which left me feeling drained and groggy. Snoozed 3 times (which i haven’t done in a while). Showered, drove to work — and it’s been a barrage of projects since.
I’ve been working on this new learning object to help students understand the epidemiologic triangle. Well there are aspects of it I don’t fully understand myself (as I’m not a nurse or even in the damn medical field), and so I’ve been doing research to better understand the concept. Well my coworker and I were discussing various scenarios of how the three points (host, agent, environment) affect each other — and we became stuck on one. I was chastized by my boss for being too detailed … which frustrates the fuck out of me because I’m just trying to understand the goddamn concept so i can teach it. Pissed me off to no end.
And now I have this other project to work on where people have been dragging their feet … and they want it done right away, even tho I just got the files today.
And now it’s raining super hard out, gusty wind, and the sky is just black. I would pay money right now to just curl up in bed with a certain someone and just listen to the rain and wind.

back in action

Ok, the server transition went smoothly and everything is back to normal. I have changed my primary e-mail address from the old account. If you know me, you should have that address change. If you don’t, be resourceful, and i’m sure you’ll figure it out.
Anyway, so I’ll be posting again soon. Just doing some file management at the moment, so hopefully I’ll have things up and running soon.

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