MonthDecember 2004

birthday goodness

Look, fun times from my b-day.

The boy David and our constant struggle for power.

He gets licked in the end.

Three Vodka 7’s, and still fabulous.

The fruits of my labor.

Washing away the messy fruits of my labor the next morning.

Michael-gurl — amazingly — without any feet in the picture.

what makes baby jesus cry?

Well according to Google (at least 16 pages of Google anway):
Terrorism makes baby jesus cry.
CBS makes baby jesus cry.
Over-seas outsourcing makes baby jesus cry.
Lying makes baby jesus cry.
Google makes baby jesus cry.
Ass sex makes baby jesus cry.
Web-based mail makes baby jesus cry.
Apache makes baby jesus cry.
Verdana font makes baby jesus cry.
Swimmer’s ear makes baby jesus cry.
Book raping makes baby jesus cry. (Do I really even want to know?)
Bum sex makes baby jesus cry.
Pseudoscience makes baby jesus cry.
Unneccisary Japanese makes baby jesus cry.
George Bush makes baby jesus cry. (Makes us all cry, Jesus.)
Lies may make baby jesus cry, but transexual sex makes baby jesus cry harder.
Dubbed Anime makes baby jesus cry.
Drinking before noon makes baby jesus cry.
TYPING IN ALL CAPS makes baby jesus cry.
Your mom makes baby jesus cry.
Excess verbage makes baby jesus cry.
Decompression makes baby jesus cry.
PERL makes baby jesus cry.
Red lettering on a gunmetal grey background makes baby jesus cry.
Bestiality makes baby jesus cry.
Homophobia makes baby jesus cry.

education blues

I’m thoroughly irritated today. I received a memo today from one of our administrators, detailing a policy change in the tution reimbursement program. What has changed? Only people who are in good standing with their employeer are eligible.
That was the key point that was made.
Then, secretly, (and not in key point), they mention that everyone is capped at a $1,350 maximum per fiscal year. This coming from me receiving roughly $600 per class, previously. My tuition is like $1,366 per class (not semester, per class) — and I’m not getting full reimbursement as is.
That’s two strikes for UTMB …

missed me

I was talking with Alex over lunch about The Dresden Dolls and how crack-esque some of their songs are. She told me I should listen to this song “Missed Me” — that it’s awesome. (We are also talking about fucked up relationships are, that they’re so complex that they should be as simple as the song suggests (if you kiss me, that must mean you think i’m pretty, if you think i’m pretty, that must mean you want to fuck me, if you want to fuck me, that must mean you love me …) But it so doesn’t work that way, does it. Relationships are messy and draining. Nothing’s clear cut and consistant. Well, I guess that’s not necessarily true for ALL relationships. I have friends who have beautiful relationships that work very well. I just haven’t been so lucky myself. Hmm. I guess that’s pretty consistant in and of itself.
But I digress … Here are some of the lyrics to Missed Me.

missed me missed me now you’ve got to kiss me
if you kiss me mister you must think im pretty
if you think so mister you must want to fuck me
if you fuck me mister it must mean you love me
if you love me mister you would never leave me
it’s as simple as can be!
missed me missed me now you’ve got to kiss me
if you miss me mister why do you keep leaving
if you trick me mister i will make you suffer
and they’ll get you mister put you in the slammer and forget
you mister then i think you’ll miss me won’t you miss me
won’t you miss me
missed me missed me now you’ve got to kiss me
if you kiss me mister take responsibility
i’m fragile mister just like any girl would be
and so misunderstood (so treat me delicately!)

wouldn’t it be loverly

All i want is a room somewhere
Far away from my office chair
With one enormous bed, blanket, and glass of water
Oh wouldn’t it be loverly …
So I had a great time last nite. WAY too much to drink. WAY WAY WAY too much. In fact, i puked all over my stairs at my complex.
However, my car got towed. 🙁 So Patrick and Michael took me home and now David is going to pick me up from work (Alex took me to work this morning) so I can pay the $162 and get my car.
But the Continental Queens are awesome — so much fun. Totally took care of me — kept me on my feet and from puking all over the cute (I think) guys at JRs. There were a couple of cute guys, yes. And at the Mining Company there was this guy dancing in a hand towel that kept “slipping” — so we saw a lot of ass, and some dangly bits from behind. But he was kind’a yuk. Not my flavor at all.
But I’m lucky to have friends who will take care of me. And many thanks to David, Alex, Michael, and Patrick and who helped my drunk ass with my car situation. Oh, and thanks to Zena (my boss) who has been more than sympathetic to my situation and my state of yuk.
I think I need to throw up again. Tho, I’m not completely sure. So I’m just sitting here, drinking water, about to drink some tea, and wondering why the clock is moving so damn slow.

death that lingers

The fat woman has now broken out her accordian… seriously — someone, call 911 or else a boy may be forced jump from the 4th floor of the school of nursing. And he’s way to cute to lose such a jewel.
I had to hear that damn santa thing AT LEAST 45 times. Everyone here was getting extremely annoyed. Talk of breaking it, removing the battery, breaking it, hiding it, breaking it, and disolving it in acid were all mentioned.
So — me — with headphones — techno blaring — and i can STILL hear the damn accordian. I swear she’s right outside my cube just taunting me. I’m gonna puncture it.

dying … slowly …. dying

office christmas open house … fat woman brought stupid dancing santa clause from home that plays VERY LOUD saxaphone version of Santa Clause is Coming To Town. Only been 15 minutes … another 2 hours and 45 minutes to go …. heard it 4 times already … going fetal … regressing to the womb … someone, please … abort, abort.

amor y odio

So I was sucked into the eBay trap again. I browse eBay when I’m unbearably bored at work. I don’t know why. I rarely find anything I want.
However, I was perusing one day, and lo and behold, and angel of the Lord did come upon me and showed the path to a rare Erasure cd I’d been looking for — Erasure in Fashionland. And the Lord did find this good and smiled upon Michael.
And his plea was heard and his biddings won.
And he landed the rare Erasure cd for $8.50.
And he did smile and was happy.
One of the songs is Love To Hate You (Learning Spanish). It is truly mutli-cultural goodness. It just makes me feel so Cinco De Mayo and stuff.Love to Hate You (Learning Spanish)

christmas hell

I am in Christmas Hell. Our office has been very … un-festive. No decorations, no holiday cheer, no nuttin. I attribute that partly to the fact that one of our coworkers is a JW.
Until today.
We our having the Multimedia Lab Holday Of Sweets Open House Thing. Everyone was supposed to bring in some sort of sweets food stuff. I made homemade cinnamon rolls last nite, and they’re quite lovely. So I walk in this morning, and it was like Christmas threw up all over the lab. Ribbons, bells, garland, bad pinecone snowmen … and god awful Christmas music. Not that cool Christmas music — but that tacky instrumental crap that you can buy at Eckerds for like $1.99. Then the token fat woman of the lab decides to put bells on all the doors — like real jingle bells. So now every time someone comes and goes (which is quite often), we get jangled to death. And she just keeps going. Putting up more lights, more ribbon, asking for fake christmas tree smell …
I’m going to die a Christmas death. All because of crap generic Christmas knick-knacks and bad music. Someone save me. Please.

picky pic

Ok, so for the record — I don’t take pictures. In fact, I took a total of 10 pics the whole trip.

This is that nasty tofu crap Adam made me eat.

Awww, so cute.

This was Adam when we ate at Coco’s. I had cinnamon roll french toast.

Our hotel. Funny. Looks much better in the picture.

The lovely NY, NY hotel, basically from our window, but not really — it’s outside on the bridge. But same view, basically.

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