MonthOctober 2004

chut up!

Girl 1: Mom said the school is closed today because it’s flooded, and there’s feces everywhere!
Girl 2: What are feces?
Girl 1: Baby mice.
Girl 2 & 3: Awwww…

shrill screams, gnashing of teeth

Look everyone, it’s Halloween. It’s Halloween and it’s 85 degrees out. Yay. Glad I’m not one of those brats running around outside in over-priced cheap costumes. I will be in the nicely air-conditioned air — working on some Option9 project. How’s that for a scare.
Anyway — for halloween, gay it up a little will ya?

foto friday (halloween)

It’s almost Halloween, duh, and all the staff and faculty at UTMB (in the school of nursing) were encouraged to dress up. Well, I was like “uhh, no. I don’t really dress up.” So I decided I’d just gay it up a bit. I painted my finger nails chrome and donned a realy “fun” pair of kind’a fuzzy-fur-like pants. Of course, you can’t see that in the pictures — but that’s ok. I took an extra-gay picture just to delight and fancify your Friday.
Alex is my friend/coworker. We are SO silly together and we have way too much fun at work. We play well together — usually at others’ expense. But that’s part of being fun and fabulous right?

check mate

I have lived on my own now for the past 4 or 5 years. I’ve moved from 3 different apartments (two in the same complex), but I think I’ve finally come to make a home where I am now (well, as much as an apartment can be a *home*, and not just a domicile.) But a monumental event has happened. I have finally had to reorder checks. The fact that I pay 95% of my bills online means I don’t have to write checks, and so I never bothered changing my address. However, now that my mother has moved to a new address, and I live on my own, I should probably change that.
So I did some researching online, cuz I just have to have cool checks. My checks right now are some zen thing with a water drop and a little bonsai tree, and some god awful flower (I always hate giving that check to people, cuz it’s not obviously a zen thing, and I know they think I’m the fruitiest person alive). But I found an awesome deal kids. Check it out. With the promotional code MWE202 (entered when you check out), I got two boxes of single checks for like $11. They’re normally $25. Can’t beat that, yo. And check out the design. I’m so excited!
It reminds me of when I went to see the Magic Flute at the Houston Grand Opera. The set was designed by the same author — Maurice Sendak. Brilliant art work.

i’m a grown up now

Well, I participated in my first election today. I’ve never voted before — never been politically-minded (my family was never really politically-minded either). But after witnessing the damaging effects of Hurrican Bush on our economy, I thought I needed to do my part in the rebuilding of America.
So, I stood outside in the early-voting line this morning for 45 minutes and placed my vote. As I arrived, there was a line of people outside the building (beside the voting line) and they were handing out flyers and such for candiates — all of whom were republican (not that’s a bad thing). Terrible Tom was one of them, as was George Bush. The first one that was handed to me was the George Bush, and I stopped, turned around and laughed and said “LOL, no. I don’t want that,” and I gave it back to him. I declined the remaining handouts. The building I stood next too had a concrete ledge around it at shoulder height. People had been placing their unwanted flyers on there. As I stood in line, the woman behind me was collecting the George Bush flyers, crumpling them up, and throwing them on the ground to be trod upon by all. I glanced at her and laughed in appreciation and she said “That’s where they belong.”
I think it’s funny how passionate people can get about this. Such hate — such devotion. It’s really amazing to me.
I hope everyone goes out and votes — be it for Kerry or Bush — just vote. Of course, I’d hope you’d vote for anyone other than Bush — but vote nonetheless.

a sad haiku

single star above,
cries a tear of light for me
cover me, my star.

maybe there will be
a second star who loves you,
so cry not alone.

for every star tear
that traces down a moon beam,
grows another star.

cry a million tears,
and make a million stars shine
fill the world with love.

gettin’ jiggy

I have not felt much like venturing out today in pursuit of nurishment. (I’ve been holed away in my cubicle tapping my head to defeat the craving for food — but alas, it did not work. I do have a slight headache tho. Perhaps my craving was not specific enough. Or perhaps it wasn’t so much as a craving as it was my body telling me I’m starving to death.)
Anyway, I saunter down to the little “cafeteria” thing on the first floor which is void of all human but 3 black women and 2 black men — and me, a gay white boy. I order my little pasta bar thing and am waiting patiently while the man cooks it (read: re-warms). The 3 black girls get into this conversaton where they’re calling each other “gigalo.”
Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but a gigalo is typically used in reference to a man, no? More specifically a “playa.” So is this sorta like when fags go “Oh girl, you did NOT!”?
I was bemused and befuddled such a cultural complexity. Please, can come help me understand?

tempations be gone!

I was blog jumping today, and I ended up on this really eccentric energy healer woman’s blog. I honestly didn’t read a lot of it because she used big words, and quite frankly, I wasn’t in the mood for a vocabulary lesson. But I managed to read this one about how she went to the grocery store to buy some nuts, and the store had rearranged everything so that the pop-tarts were next to the nuts. Apparently this woman had mad cravings for pop-tarts.
She was explaining how you can tap your temporal lobe (which apparently is above your left and right ear) for like 30-45 seconds and the craving will go away. And that the more intense the craving, more satisifying it is when the craving is removed.
So — in other words, you beat yourself till you’re not hungry any more. Picture me, at HEB, standing in front of the cookies tapping my head with my finger for a minute and a half. People would surely think I was either retarded or autistic and try to medicate me. When — in reality — I could simply walk away from the cookies, and lo and behold — the craving ceases.
It amazes me the crap people do. Just use logic people. You don’t need some energy healing to stop eating Pop-Tarts. Geez.

love is a fire

“Love is a fire. But whether it is going to warm your heart or burn down your house, you can never tell.” — Joan Crawford
If that isn’t the fucking truth. Shame I can’t buy fire insurance.

peace & love, inc.

As I mentioned earlier, I have been in a rather different frame of mind lately. Patience may be a virtue, but I don’t have a lot of it, it seems — at least not for the past week. I’ve been very shorty and pissy, but not for any main reason. Actually, I think I’ll just do some venting about some things on my mind.
1. Someone needs to inform baby Jesus that summer is over and 94 degree temperatures are not acceptable for this time of year. I do not live in Guam. I want Autumn, with leaves, and brisk winds. Not 98% humidity and blanketing fog.
2. IF you are offered a job at UTMB doing the same thing I do (same position title) do not bitch about what an insult it is at the pay they offered you, and proceed to explain that “sure I can understand giving that to someone who’s 25, but giving it to someone in their 50s in disgusting.” Bitch, I can design circles around you — and you had the gall to say in your interview — which we all heard, by the way, — that you are 80% proficient in Flash when you couldn’t even convert a damn PowerPoint presentation to Flash WHEN IT DOES IT FOR YOU!? Stupid bitch. You should stay as a temp. Maybe if you quit smoking and drinking a 12-pack of Mountain Dew a day, quit with the two ice cream runs and non-stop eating through out the day, you could afford the pay they offered.
3. Whatever happened to Information Society? Everyone else is making a comeback, why aren’t they. I mean, if I have to drudge through Duran Duran’s comeback, at least throw in someone cool. Information Society was awesome and cutting edge back in 198…yah. in the 80s. I bet they could create some great shit now.
4. Why do I still have dreams that make me wince? You ever wish you had just NEVER met someone? I do. I do right now, as a matter of fact.
5. Why can’t the world be a happy and loving place full of joy and glee? But no, we have to have people who say biting things and upset us and make us do things that are just sad to jesus. People just aren’t what they once used to be.

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