MonthSeptember 2004

Question 12:

Gee, Michael … why are you so pissed off today?
I love my job here at UTMB. Especially now that I’m going to be getting a raise in October. And when they started this KRONOS time-keeping bullshit where we have to clock-in/clock-out every day, I thought “oh, having a raise will make that a little more bearable.”
So we’ve used it for two weeks now. First week was fine. We’d sometimes forget to clock in or clock out — but they were expecting that.
There’s one little problem with this thing. We basically have a 14 minute window (7-minutes before and after our time) — and if you are off even 1 minute, it will catapult you to the next 15 minute iterval. And if you work more than 40 hours a week (say … 40 hours and 15 minutes), they hate you and call you names and write you up with bad things.
As happened to me this morning. My time keeper comes in and says “People aren’t happy with you, Michael.” I was like “why?” “You were 15 minutes over on your time and they have to pay you time and a half for that time.”
Oh heaven forbid you pay me a whole fucking extra $.30 on my paycheck. Jesus. It’s not like I went over 8 hours. I’m FURIOUS that they have to be so nasty over something like this, when I’ve been protesting the whole time saying “If you just change my title to something other than Computer Programmer 1 I won’t have to clock-in/clock-out anymore.” See, there are only about 7 people here in the entire school who are “non-exempt” — as determinded by their title — declared by the State. But no, that’s “too much of a hastle.”
Well hastle-this, time nazi’s. You’re all a bunch of asshats anyway — with huge asses.

A Flash In the Pan, A Flikker In The Heart

I was cleaning my room today, picked up a journal, and out feel a picture of my very good (and hot) friend Ron who lives in the Netherlands. We’ve been talking online for about … oh 7-8 years. We have ever so much in common, and he SUCH a good human being. I really like it when we can just talk about anything and everything for hours on end.
We’ve only met once … about 2 or 3 years ago — in Paris, France. I was working there for a month, and he came and visited me one day — for one day — becuase he had something else to do (school maybe?). But we went and saw the Paris Opera House and a modern art museum. It was so nice. And now, we talk online — sometimes he calls me. (He speaks very good English.)
But — I scanned in the pic of him, so here you have it — my future Dutch husband. I’m wanting to go visit him end of this year — maybe for my birthday if I can save the money. We’ll see how that works out.

A Windy Haiku

Killer Hurricane
Wants to go to Disney World.
Say hi to Mickey.

Question 11:

What exactly do you do all day at work, Michael?
Play with webcams, of course.

Question 10:

Have you whacked yourself in the chest yet?
I have been laughing a lot this morning, which admittedly, is a change of pace for my morning routine. And it’s amazing that even despite the asshats with whom I must share the early morning commute, bitching all the way, I still find a way to laugh.
So I’m talking to my lovely friend Rachel this morning and she’s talking about how James, her “not gay” friend, has a corncob up his ass about some issue that is unbeknownst to her. I told her that maybe it wasn’t a corncob — maybe it was a small shoe, or a bee. Which of course triggered instant recall of that AbFab episode where they’re cracked out and Eddie’s phone goes off and Patsy’s all “Is it a bee!?”
Then I found this great page of AbFab quotes (which is obviously not complete — lacking a lot of great lines like “You little bitch troll from hell!”) So I’ve been laughing all morning.
I, of course, shared this wealth of comedy with Rachel. She’s laughing, I’m laughing, and as it spreads, it’s become this comedic orgy of AbFab. And then she asks me if I’ve whacked myself in the chest yet.
See, this is an observation of Rachel — that when I find something extremely funny, I laugh, throw my head back, and bring my hand to my chest. She notice this and then it became something we were both very conscientious about. And now SHE does it as well. And then we both really laugh. But then our conversations always end in the discussion of poop. *hand to chest*

Question 9:

So what happens now? So what happens now? Where am I going to?
You ever get in one of those points where you just feel … “stuck” in life? Nothing really seems to be progressing and I’ve been finding myself in that whole self-deprecation mode. Regular cycyle, I suppose. It’s not that I’m depressed or anything, just in a progression funk. I know things will pick up soon. I will be doing some Dreamweaver training this weekend (and another session the 25-26th) in preparation for my Dreamweaver Certification exam.
Then I start school-school on September 23rd with my Database Management Systems course. I guess I’m looking forward to it. Just not really looking forward to being so busy again. Working full time, working with Option9, school, and a “personal life” (read: not working) is hard to balance.
So that’s my September. And then only 3 months left of the year. And I love the last three months. The weather changes to be cooler, I can break out the sweaters (maybe) and all that jazz. I’m not sure what I’m going to do for Christmas this year. I have done an “official” christmas at my apartment in like 2 years. No tree, no decorations. I live alone — it’s kind’a like, what’s the point? My cat will just eat the needles and throw up (not that that’s something abnormal for her — but why provide her with more ammo?)
So. We’ll see what the rest of the year brings me. Good things, I’m sure.

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